Posted by: jeannineatkins | May 30, 2011

Boston Authors Club Awards

I’m back home from a few days of traveling with Peter, including some time in Boston, where we saw some of the new American wing in the Museum of Fine Arts, splashed into the Charles River on a Duck Tour, which Peter had never done and enjoyed once the quacking died down, and I mused about people who walked on brick sidewalks about 150 years ago. We went to the beautiful Boston Public Library.

In the newer — practical but less gorgeous — part of the building, the Boston Authors Club hosted a lovely event to honor books selected from those written by authors with a connection to the city.

In the Young Reader category, First Prize went to The Last Summer of the Death Warriors, a story of murder, love, and redemption by Francisco X. Stork. The Other Side of the Dark, a mystery with echoes of days of slavery by Sarah Smith was a Finalist. Borrowed Names was Highly Recommended, along with Black Radishes by Susan Meyer, and another historical novel, Daughter of Winter, in which a girl tries to survive on her own, with some help from a Wampanoag woman in 1849 Massachusetts, by Pat Lowery Collins, who couldn’t attend the ceremony.

Here’s Susan happily holding her certificate for Black Radishes, which is set in France during World War II and deals with the Resistance.

And what made Susan just as happy: seeing, she told us, for the first time, a child pick up and read her first novel. And this girl was riveted.

Books written for adults were also awarded prizes, and I’m currently enchanted reading Missing Lucile by Suzanne Berne, which is about the author’s search for a grandmother she never knew, and whose early death haunted her father. I love the family history and research stories, and seeing the creative ways the author dealt with many missing tales. 

Peter, thanks for being there and taking pictures! Thank you Boston Authors Club for your commitment to literature, and to Henry Holt Books for Young Readers for making my manuscript become a book! 


  1. Highly Recommend
    Borrowed Names holds a place of honor on my bookshelf. It’s gorgeous, and that it’s Highly Recommended? I’m not surprised–not one bit! Still, I’m thrilled that it/you received that (well-deserved) honor.
    PS Cool that you & Peter enjoyed a Grand Adventure, and that he documented some of it in pictures for the rest of us. 🙂

  2. Re: Highly Recommend
    Thanks, Melodye. I’m happy and proud the book holds that place of honor on your bookshelf.

  3. Congrats!..looks like a wonderful trip…and nicely topped off with being recognized!

  4. Congratlations! 🙂
    Looks like it was a wonderful trip!

  5. Thank you!

  6. Thanks, Sarah!

  7. Congratulations, Jeannine! I wish we’d been there in Boston to celebrate with you.
    (And I’m sorry Pat couldn’t make it. David and I first met her years ago at the same ceremony, when The Fattening Hut won the prize. She’s such a lovely person.)

  8. Congratulations, Jeannine! I’m so glad to see Borrowed Names being so honored. And I imagine seeing a kid reading your own book would really be a thrill. Ducks, libraries, museum, and ceremonies–sounds like a great trip.

  9. Thanks, Amy. A happy time would have been even happier with you there. And I agree, Pat with her gracious presence and gift for historical fiction is someone you want at your side.

  10. Thanks, Lorraine. I’ve been thinking of you with the iced tea chilling and hummingbirds enjoying the columbine outside the porch. Imagining your spirit near my computer.

  11. Jeannine!
    Congratulations on your recent Boston trip and the great attention and status that your book received! (As well it should!) The photo of you with the others holding their books would make a nice promotional image for you or a great book jacket photo!

  12. Thanks, Bruce! It was fun meeting these authors, all so nice.
    Hope you had a good birthday/Memorial Day weekend!

  13. So pleased to see that Borrowed Names continues to receive recognition! And oh, that picture of the BPL. I’ve never been, but is definitely on my list!

  14. Congratulations, Jeannine. It’s an honor well-deserved. I love the photo of the two girls reading. We probably all see ourselves in that photo.

  15. Thanks, Laurie. Best wishes for June, July, August, and your novel!

  16. Thanks, Dori. I do see myself in that picture, though as the younger sister to one one who was and is brilliant, I see myself in the younger one, too, just kind of enjoying the proximity.

  17. That library is simply stunning!

  18. Yes, there’s lots of gorgeousness in the 19th century part of the library, and the exterior looking out to Copley Square and Trinity Church. Sadly, I found the children’s room rather cold with metal bookshelves and maybe two prints of McCloskey’s ducklings and — only three or four kids. Maybe, I hope, young readers go more to the branch libraries. But those lions! And the Map Room is a lovely place to get coffee, and people enjoyed eating in the bright courtyard with gorgeous arches.

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