Posted by: jeannineatkins | September 27, 2009

Friends of the Whately Library Book Sale

At eight this morning I arrived at the library to help put books on folding tables borrowed from the church. At three o’clock when Paula came to help pack, and picked up a book, and said, “This looks good,” I couldn’t work up much enthusiasm, though early in the day I’m all about wanting to know what people like to read. I’d just helped load a truck to go to Salvation Army tomorrow. Hundreds of pounds of romance novels. Maybe I would have had more fun if I just crawled under a table like Natalie.

Nat also gave us a lot of help, as did her brother and cousins. People left happily with some bargains and treasures. One woman suggested we do this every week. Um, no.

The Whately Historical Society had their Harvest Fair, and I picked up some raspberries, blueberries, and green beans from Natalie’s dad under the tent for Chamutka Farm. You can see on the bag “Picked by Tom and Nat” and Tom carried one zillion boxes, though I don’t think he found one about tractors, which is his favorite subject.

The Historical Society had sold out their apple pies – “we need more bakers,” – I was told by the time I came over, but the Milk Bottle was open for free ice cream from Snow’s Farm.

Fiona plants herbs and flowers around my town, and I bought a wreath made with eucalyptus. When she came into the library later, she let me sniff her coat. I caught her talking to her daughter on her cell and she kind of summed up the day: “It’s wet, and horrible, and there are just a few… lovely.. people.”

Yes. When I was getting achy and grumpy from lugging boxes, Jeanne quietly came over to me, said, “This is for you,” and made me laugh by putting The Value of Love into my hands.


  1. Wow, that’s a lot of work! Such a loving, generous gift of your time. I hope they made a huge profit.

  2. Aw it sounds like a lot of work, but how wonderful that you helped out for such a good cause. I hope you went home, put your feet up, and had a nice cup of hot tea.

  3. Well, most years we’ve made enough to host the summer reading program for children, a wonderful thing. We don’t do bad for a small town. And seeing someone express wonder at finding a book is always a beautiful thing.
    Thanks, Melodye!

  4. Just back from delivering all the excess to Salvation Army — wishing we had today’s beautiful sun yesterday, but… anyway, it’s over for the year. So yes, feet up soon and some ibuprofen with the tea. My husband gently said I may need to find a way to contribute to the library sale that doesn’t involve lifting boxes. Easier said than done, but I need to work on it.

  5. I was on the board of our own Friends of the Library for quite a while, so I have some idea of the work (and love) involved in a book sale. It’s so amazing of you to put one together, year after year — but like your husband, I worry about your back. Hope the ibuprofen did the trick!

  6. Thanks for worrying about my back, Amy. Those things we take for granted until they make us stop and notice. Fortunately, ibuprofen and a bit of yoga are doing the trick. And I’ve regained my shortly-lost love of books, as long as the pile isn’t too high.

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