Posted by: jeannineatkins | May 1, 2009

Interview with Linda Cotta Brennan about Anne Hutchinson’s Way

Linda Cotta Brennan is running an interview with me today about Anne Hutchinson’s Way on her blog . It was so nice to be asked by this great writer, generous teacher, and all around gracious person. And she’s kind of from the right state, too. I’m a proud resident of Massachusetts, but we’ve all got our bits of shameful past; while I’m glad to say a statue of Anne Hutchinson with a daughter now stands in front of our State House, a few hundred years ago she was told to get out of the Mass. Bay Colony or else. She was a little too free with words. Anne, husband, children, and supporters hiked and canoed to Aquidneck Island of the welcoming state of Rhode Island, where Linda lives.

Linda asked me questions I’d never been asked before. If you’ve ever been interviewed, you know how great that is. If you want to know more about Anne Hutchinson or writing picture book biographies, please check it out!


  1. Squee!! Great interview :).

  2. Jama, your squees make me happy.

  3. Great interview!

  4. Leaving a little something on your cyber-porch. Happy May Day, Jeannine!!

  5. Thanks, Becky. I just saw a historical novel we need to check out by Jacqueline Davies, set early 1900s about Triangle shirtwaist factory girls. I’m up to my elbows right now, but it looks great and I hope to (um remember the title) and look into it.

  6. Melodye, Thank you SOOOO much. And they arrived just when I needed them. Gorgeous!

  7. Do you mean LOST? I heard Jacqueline read from this during her (wonderful) presentation last weekend on unreliable narrators. The pages she read were very powerful.

  8. YES! Lost! Hurray for collective memories (well, borrowing another’s memory is more like it) and I’m glad for the recommendation! Powerful pages sounds good!

  9. That was a very good interview. And, regarding your comment:
    “Linda asked me questions I’d never been asked before. If you’ve ever been interviewed, you know how great that is.”
    … I couldn’t agree more. It really shows that the interview has done his/her homework and is not just going through the motions to fill some column inches. — PL

  10. Linda rocks!

  11. Wow, what a terrific interview! It’s a joy, isn’t it, to be questioned by someone who obviously puts that much effort into asking “just the right” question?

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