Posted by: jeannineatkins | January 5, 2016

Would May Alcott Like Pinterest?

Reproductions of paintings, photos of places where May Alcott lived, and pictures of people who she inspired or who inspired her, and examples of their work, can now be found on Pinterest, if you click on the link here, or go on anywhere and add my name. I’ve enjoyed giving some slide shows at libraries so people can see May’s work, but for those who can’t attend those, now you can glimpse a bit from your desk. (Though not as much. The generous people at Orchard House kindly gave me permission to take pictures from their collection for slide shows, but not to put on-line.) Big thanks go to writer Melodye Shore giving me a gentle push and a Pinterest tutorial. I’m still learning, and would love to hear from others who post there. Tips? Do you have sites for me to check out? Apparently people sometimes comment right on the boards? That could be interesting.

pinterest may screenshot

This was fun, but most of my attention is now moving off May and onto other people from history, though some contemporary characters (often in an attic) are also on my mind. But I remain grateful to all readers of Little Woman in Blue, with special heartfelt thanks to those who pass on word about the novel,which is about to go into a second printing. Exciting, even if the first run was small! Thank you San Francisco Book Review for kind words: “After deep research, Atkins creates a story of a younger sibling living in the shadow of an older, successful sibling many will relate to. … May finds her own way, and it is a fascinating journey.”




  1. Wow, congrats on the second printing!!

    • Much thanks to you, Susan, for your wide and enthusiastic sharing. That meant so much to me. And thanks for being my first Pinterest follower, too!

  2. So wonderful, Jeannine!!

    • Thanks for everything, Sarah. Especially making me smile.

  3. A second printing, YES!

    I think May would approve, and would definitely enjoy seeing her life artistically represented in yet another medium. Pinterest introduces her to a wider audience…all for the good.

    • Agreed, visual fun, and one of your driving points at getting me to test the Pinterest waters. You were right — it’s a happy place. Thank you!

  4. Yay for a second printing. Even if the first run was small, that seems fast! Pinterest is too visual for me–it doesn’t work with my brain. But I am pretty sure May would have loved it.

    • Thanks, Becky. As I told my husband, the number is bigger than the number of people I know, so that’s cool. Then he asked how many copies of Little Women were sold in the first 3 months. From what I could tell, it turns out to be about the same amount. Not that I would ever compete with LMA. Ahem.

      Yes, in that same brain differences way, over the holidays I encouraged my artist brother in law to try putting up his work on Pinterest. He’s never caught on too much to blogging, but I think he’d enjoy the whole pinning and placing thing, and it would be a place where people could view his paintings, collages, etc.

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