Posted by: jeannineatkins | July 5, 2015

Maine Botanical Gardens

Last week, just before the nick of July, my friend Sue got me to the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens, a wonder she’s been telling me about for years. We got a second spring, where, this far north, we could smell lilacs. It was great to wander with a friend who I’ve known since she passed me origami-folded notes in high school English, illustrated with lots of intertwined stars that she must have drawn while the more vocal among us offered thoughts on Wordsworth’s The Prelude, Joyce’s Dubliners, and Ionesco’s Rhinoceros.


Now we wandered, smelled, sighed happily, and gawked, taking a picture now and then. I loved the foxgloves and peonies, and walking along stone paths and by the shore. We headed back into the woods where children (of all ages, as they say) were welcome to make fairy huts or set tables on flat rocks for wood nymphs. Inside, there was a display on Myth, Magic, and Medicine of Plants.


I was pulled into this library lined with guidebooks and adorned with cut paper artwork. The gardens are open year round. I look forward to going back for new colors. Maybe I’ll bring a pen and notebook.




  1. Lovely – both friend and flowers.

  2. Oh, how I love visiting a botanical garden…. Thank you for taking us on a visit to this one, Jeannette! Love that you were able to enjoy peonies, foxgloves, and lilacs once again in this second spring.You should absolutely bring a pen and a notebook next time – a garden is a lovely place to write.

    Later this month, my husband and I will visit the Missouri Botanical Garden, one of the oldest botanical gardens in the country, and one of my favorite places on Earth. Can’t wait! xox

  3. This is always one of the highlights on our family trip to Boothbay. The kids just love it, especially the children’s garden with the “Blueberries for Sal” bear.

    • I love this is part of your family vacation. it was fun to see kids going in and out of that garden-roofed house, and I was so charmed with that bear and the pail spilling bronze blueberries. I didn’t know Robert McCloskey’s book about the boat and the whales — my friend bought it for me, and it’s great!

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