Posted by: jeannineatkins | June 24, 2015


“My favored flowers, the tulips,

can contain only so much feeling

before they tip over.”

–Deborah Gorlin, “The Grief of Trees” in Life of the Garment




  1. How beautiful, those tulips. And the vase…is that one of Peter’s creations?

    Do you think tulips are shaped like cups for a reason? Maybe so they can hold the sunshine.

    • Yes, vase by Peter. Tulips are my “favored flower” too for the way they cup as you mention, but I also love watching them open and even the falling petals have their beauty.

  2. Lovely. Thank you, Jeannine.

  3. PERFECT, Jeannine!

    • Amy, I hope you get a chance to read Deb’s whole collection. You will be wowed.

  4. Love that tulip perfect vase! One if my favorite things to do is to watch tulips open out and lose their petals one by one over the course of a week. There is something so exuberant about that opening out, and something so infinitely sad about that petal by petal striving to take in as much of the sunshine before the end.

    • I agree that the motion of tulips is part of their charm. It is sad when the petals fall, but a small thrill when you’re there when one drifts, and yes, some beauty in each petal as they curl.

  5. Some philosopher said that it’s better to enjoy the change of seasons than to be in love with Spring. I’m the fool who is in love with Spring, especially tulips.

    • Hurrah for being a fool in love with spring. How can we help it, with tulips showing up?

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