Posted by: jeannineatkins | June 12, 2015

June Afternoon in Maine

One friend wants to paint a snail or the waves.

Another sits on a rock to write a poem.

I mulch the perennials.


Working by a wheelbarrow in front of the house, I look up to say hello to a woman leaning on the arm of her daughter, walking slowly down the road. She nods at the garden, says, “It looks good.”

I’m aware of all that’s still left to weed, clip, and mulch, the spaces where I mean to plant more. But I let in the casual praise that I didn’t beg for, but came freely, like the small new leaves on a stalky star plant I dug from my Massachusetts garden and transplanted here.



  1. That’s a poem to summer ease in the garden…and to a beautiful spot.

    • I’m looking forward to your reports on summer ease in a lovely place!

  2. Beautiful. Poetic. I can feel the sea breeze.

    • Sea breezes are good — and here’s to your garden!

  3. Nice to see the transplants – flowers and otherwise – thriving.

  4. Thoughtful and poetic. Very nice. 🙂

  5. I want to help you plant, weed, clip, and mulch! And maybe a seaside picnic, afterward?

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