Posted by: jeannineatkins | October 27, 2014


Sunlight ripples on and through yellow leaves, keeping me company while I write. Fall reminds me that I can never catch the world’s beauty with my words or camera. But October light also makes me want to try. There’s a beauty in the reaching, I hope, as well as what can be caught.


The bright trees also lure me from my desk, old geraniums, and the godetia Peter brought me. After I’ve found a rough way to the end of a chapter, I’ll wind a scarf around my neck, get out my thin gloves and bulky sweater, and walk through the woods with my dog. I’ll walk away from the morning’s mistakes. Maybe a way to find more shine in a sentence will surprise me along the way. Or maybe I’ll just enjoy shades of yellow and gold that won’t last long. It’s important to get to the end of my chapter, but also to be glad for the flutter and wayward branches, everything that can’t be held.




  1. A lovely reminder to get up and away, to set oneself loose and just allow.

    • Hope you are having some open and quiet times, Sarah.

  2. Last night I heard Mary Chapin Carpenter in concert, and she described her method of getting through the tough spots and knots in a song: she goes “songwalking” with her dogs and a couple of cats. As she walks, creative problems unravel and solutions come. It sounds similar to what you do.

    • Love that phrase “songwalking,” and lovely to think of MCC walking along with animal friends and ideas! Yes, some things come at the keyboard, but some come when I step away. This morning after some work, driving to yoga. Often on afternoon walks. Sometimes just while making tea. The mind likes a little more space. Thanks for stopping by, Toby! Hope you’re finding lots of inspiration in beautiful places.

  3. “There’s a beauty in the reaching, I hope, as well as what can be caught.”

    Oh Jeannine, you sure do have a way with words. 🙂

    Thanks to you (and Peter), I’ve made the acquaintance of a new flower friend. Godecia–Farewell to Spring–a beautiful blossom and sentiment! I’d like to plant one (or several) in my own garden. Because autumn gold doesn’t last, and though it doesn’t always feel that way, harsh winters eventually come to an end…

    Holding on to that thought as I revise (see with new eyes) the next chapter.

    • Glad you’re finding new ways to look, bringing some of your gorgeous garden indoors, inside. xo

  4. Oh, yes – “there’s a beauty in the reaching.” I love that you wind a scarf around your neck and wander through the woods both to think and to observe.

    Thank you, Jeannette, for this lovely October offering. xox

  5. It’s chilly where you are! I’m raking in the afternoons wearing shorts (and still being bitten by mosquitoes). October is beautiful–bright and colorful. When my writing gets ragged, I head outside, too. Funny, when I rake I don’t think of a single thing. Just snag that next leaf or gumball . . . maybe that’s enough.

    • Yes, it can be good to rake, though I’m sorry to say no gumballs in Mass. that I know of. I don’t even know what they are. Lots of acorns though, which are pretty (and treacherous — rolling pins underfoot). Thanks for stopping by, carrying pumpkins.

  6. Loved the line hat seems to have resonated with everyone else,Jeannine – just a lovely post.

  7. I just wrote about wandering, then ‘wandered’ over to read your post after a busy day. Happy I did, happy you shared some of your reasons to wander, Jeannine. Your words send a hug to so many. Thank you.

    • What a beautiful thing to say, Linda. Sending more hugs to you!

  8. What IS it about October–you’re so right about the light. You’d think there would be a balancing magic about the different light in April or May, but I just don’t see it. Beautiful month, beautiful post.

    • Glad you are enjoying another kind of October light across the country. I guess we need to bring out models of the solar system and try to figure out what we get this in fall, not spring. But I’m just enjoying, and happy you are, too!

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