Posted by: jeannineatkins | September 5, 2014

A Long Way to Line Breaks

“How’s your writing going?” my husband asked last night. “I mean I know you’re working on several things, but how’s that book about the paper-maker?”

“It’s finally starting to look like a book. I don’t know that it will be one anyone will want, but it’s coming together.”

“Well, no one can know whether it’s something they want to read until it looks like a book. So that’s something.”

I get it. My job is to write, not make the big judgments about who might be the readers. I’m focusing on all the little judgments and leaps along the way. I did more researching, writing, daydreaming, and cutting, before I drove to the state forest where seven people were on the beach. Four people sat in chairs reading books. On a blanket, one woman read while another watched a baby slap an orange shovel. She said, “Don’t eat sand. Okay, open your mouth.”

I saw three brown ducks and one kayak. I went for a swim,


came home to my table and got back to work.

I’ve written poems before. Still,

I’m astonished when clouds open

to blue sky, and meandering

sentences ask me to break

them into lines.



  1. I am brought to such a good place each time I come here, Jeannine. Thank you for offering all that you do. Happy book-making! xo

    • What a sweet thing to say. Sending love, Amy.

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