Posted by: jeannineatkins | March 10, 2014

In the Pink

Amidst todays errands, I stopped at the Smith College spring bulb show, “In the Pink,” where the Botanic Gardens is selling t-shirts celebrating A Century of Women in the Topsoil. Cameras clicked as people smiled, sniffed, spring-hoped, and snow-forgot.


I reluctantly buttoned my coat to leave, but the outside was beautiful, too.




  1. Thanks for the dose of loveliness!

  2. This brightened my day, Jeannine…Elizabeth lived in Chapin House – this was her view. Good old Smith – I’d love to go back as an Ada Comstock scholar and (finally) get my MA. Dreams!

  3. Pictures like that remind me how monochromatic this winter has been!

  4. It’s nearly time for our show here, Jeannine. Thanks for the beauty from your side of the US!

  5. Oh, thanks for this! Tulips! Today was 8 Celsius (46F), birds were chirping, and I can actually believe that spring is almost here.

  6. Ah, lovely!

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