Posted by: jeannineatkins | July 31, 2013

Almost August

The bee is not the enemy of the flower.

And on a summer day, neither

is the hammock a writer’s foe.


photograph by Bruce Laird.



  1. Lovely words and photo. Fertility is all!

  2. Fertility is all! Did you print that on your happy-new-grandmother t-shirt? xo

  3. Love it!!

  4. A hammock is the window seat of summer… (Lovely words & image!)

  5. Gorgeous, Jeannine! Love the words and the photo.

  6. Reblogged this on Story Catching and commented:
    Such beautiful reassurance that cultivating quiet is one task of a writer…

    • Which I know isn’t easy for you, and I’m so glad you manage. Loved the photo of one of yours reading tucked into the back seat luggage compartment!

  7. Wonderful! I have been short on hammock hours this summer, but I am trying to create space for them. This made me smile.

    • Hope you can snatch a few hammock, porch swings, or idling-by-the-river moments. I know you appreciate every bit of garden or riverbank time. xo

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