Posted by: jeannineatkins | June 12, 2012

Compressed Vacation

For most of the years of my daughter’s childhood, we rented a house for two weeks in southern Maine. Emily’s friends and their moms would sometimes visit. Some of our relatives and almost-relatives would come for a few days to relax and smell and hear the ocean. There are so many great memories. Now Emily lives across the country, and for the past two years her job has meant she can get away for a long weekend, not two weeks. So we just celebrated two days at home, catching up with us, her bed, the dog, the cat, Nell, who she’s known since kindergarten, her grandparents, Aunt Chris, and her favorite restaurant, The India House where they know she’ll order chana masala and a house salad.

Then our family of three headed for Maine for two and a half great days.  We saw our friend Steve Lavigne, his wife, Dee, and her mom, while they were busy getting ready to open a comic shop in Wells next weekend, which you can read about on one of Peter’s blogs.

Emily and I both ordered scallops in a Kennebunkport restaurant where we saw the sun set over the ocean.

And Emily and Peter had Annabelle’s (amazing) ice cream in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

Peter and I are glad to be home, but it’s always sad to take Emily to the airport, even though I know her roommate and dog will be so glad to see her. It’s your turn, Colleen and Henry! Hope to see all of you in California before too long!



  1. So great Jeannine! I know it is so far when we don’t live near our kids!
    We are renting a house in Maine for our first vacation with extended family and sons coming and going, we are so looking forward to it. I hope it becomes a tradition! : )

    • That sounds like a great time, and I, too, hope it becomes a tradition for you. When we had the two weeks, sometimes people could fit it in, as you say, coming and going, so there were lovely peaks and lulls and peaks. There is nothing like the Maine coast.

  2. Is Henry the dog or the roommate?

    • Henry, aka Baby Henry, Mr. Henry, Henner, Heinriech, etc. is the dog. I think I followed the rules or parallelism. (we seem to have a family tradition of pets with human names).

  3. It’s so hard when your beautiful daughter lives across the country, but she does come home and you know she misses those long Maine vacations as much as you do. She looks like you and she’s successful like you . . . be proud of that girl!

  4. what wonderful photos — and how great that she wants to come so far to spend time with you!

    • We started on two hikes and ended up rain-soaked, so she doesn’t have much to say for New England weather, but she still has a place for Mass. and Maine in her heart, I’m happy to say.

  5. Looks like you made the most of the few days you had together. Such beautiful, heartwarming photos of a beautiful family. Shall have to check out Annabelle’s ice cream sometime :).

    • Thanks, Jame. Annabelle’s is well worth checking out. Nantucket Nectar half lemonade/half ice tea and Cape Cod chips were also on Em’s New England checklist.

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