Posted by: jeannineatkins | May 20, 2012

See You At Harry’s: Celebrating with Jo Knowles

It’s a very good day when I get to sit across from Jo Knowles in a café while we and other friends write together, drink coffee, and catch up. But you can almost hear the planet hum on a sunny May afternoon when I can get a new book, signed in silver, and give a congratulatory hug to someone who’s worked so hard and so faithfully to create something beautiful. See You at Harry’s is a novel filled with love, humor, family, friends, sorrow, and hope. Here’s Jo surrounded by family and friends, all of us ready to listen to a few pages.

And heres’s Jo with Kara LaReau. How cool and sweet is it to dress to match the book cover?

And one of the world’s kindest, smartest authors with me and Ellen Wittlinger after eating ice cream with all sorts of toppings, chatting with friends, hearing kids bat a volleyball, with littler ones running by in clothes soaked by water guns, with a bit of chocolate on some faces, perfectly happy, as were we all. Leaving with a novel that doesn’t paint life as sunshine-y every day, but shows the power of love and truth to help us move forward. Lucky to have others who understand.



  1. Beautiful! So bummed we couldn’t be there! So much talent and love in one sunny place!

    • We felt your spirit here, Laura, and Ellen and I spoke of you with big smiles on our faces.

  2. What a wonderful celebration! Looking forward to reading it.

    • Hi, Lorraine, you never know the weather in New England, but we were lucky with perfect weather for sitting on the deck watching the little ones run around barefooted and wild. I think you will like getting sucked into the world of Fern and her imperfect but ultimately loving family.

  3. Beautiful, Jeannine! Kudos to Jo!!!!

    • We probably should have clapped more, but we were certainly smiling.

  4. This post makes me so happy. Thanks for sharing this beautiful and joyous day.

    • Happy Sunday, Jama!

      • Oh, Jeannine, I should have asked if you were going! I still can’t drive long distances, and would have loved to have joined you . . .if you wouldn’t have minded another passenger, that is. Oh, well
        😦 Next time, maybe.

        • Michelle, I’m so sorry, too, that you didn’t ask. I thought of you, but saw your name on the evite invitation where you mentioned other plans for the weekend, so assumed, I guess wrongly, it wouldn’t work out. It would have been great to have you along! (and I picked up a book I need to get into your hands!)

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