Posted by: jeannineatkins | October 11, 2011

Change is Coming

The weekend was warm enough to write on the porch, which made it great. But I did think of leaves beyond, and called my friend, Jess, to see if she wanted to hike up a (small) mountain.

“How about next weekend?” she replied. “I’m writing with a Thursday deadline.”

When I told her I had plans for next weekend, she said, “Argh, I don’t know. Really I’m sitting before my computer not getting much done. Feeling it’s a holiday, everyone else is out doing things.”

“Want to come here and write together, then take a break on the mountain?”

Which is what we did, fueled by iced lattes Peter brought to the porch. Work got done and spirits raised. The view from the mountain was spectacular, though I didn’t bring my camera. Instead, here’s a spot that caught Peter’s and my eyes the day before.

In the evening I worked a bit on a new blog host at wordpress — right here! – which I hope doesn’t have the problems Livejournal has been posing these past months. The site’s coming along, and I’ll make a moving announcement soon, though I plan to keep the LJ one going.  Where I’ve had so much fun and met so many great friends, who I hope will tag along. The house isn’t quite ready – who’s ever ready for change? — but for a peek, and if you care to bookmark, here’s the new Views from a Window Seat home. Suggestions are welcome!





  1. Love your beautiful new blog home! What pretty windows, and the view from the mountain is indeed spectacular!!

  2. Jama, I’m so happy to have you as my first guest here, and sorry not to have scones and tea. Peter took a bunch of pictures from hither and yon so that the view changes with a click. The real and the imagined and the newly placed: kind of a writing theme, of course. He might be having too much fun though. As I write, more pictures might be heading my way!

    • You mean the header image alternates? It doesn’t change for me. Could be a browser thing (I’m using Firefox). I know that some WP blogs do have that function where the image up top changes. 🙂

  3. What a beautiful new place you have here. And the view from the window is stunning! Of course I’m clicking to follow you–I wouldn’t want to miss any of your thoughts and musings. xo

    • Lorraine! Now I really wish I’d set out some lemon-ginger scones. Thanks for your sweet words. And Peter set it up so the view keeps changing! Metaphor? You tell us. xo

      • Oh, it’s wonderful! I keep clicking to come back and see each new view. Tell Peter he did a great job. 🙂

  4. HEY! Welcome to WordPress! YAY! So happy to see you here! xoxox

    • Thanks for the cheers, Debbi. I was impressed that you went with two blogs, and briefly considered. Um, very briefly. Still, you inspire!

  5. What a beautiful new site, Jeannine! Though I’ll always have a great fondness for your LJ blog (I think of it as the “place” where I met you), it’s lovely to see that window seat of yours. I must admit I did a double-take when the view changed… such a neat idea of Peter’s. xo

    • Hi, Amy, I’m glad you like the new place, and hope people roll with double takes, and not feel like they’re going a bit nutty. I’ll always hold a fondness for the blog’s first home, too. It gave me so so much, including, hugely, meeting you. I just found myself complaining about technical stuff too often this summer, and avoiding blogging because it seemed it sometimes needed a hammer, crowbar, and more patience than I wanted to give. I’m still hoping to keep up the old home, posting the same things, though I’m very glad to see old friends find me here. Thank you!

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