Posted by: jeannineatkins | August 26, 2011

Paintings in Old Deerfield

Much as I love the smells of sharpened pencils and drying leaves, it’s sad to see summer end. Goldenrod has replaced day lilies along the roads. Spider webs glitter on the grass in the morning, and crickets chirp in the evening. Peter and I swam at the DAR state forest today, where a little boy turning over rocks in the creek sang that famous song “la la la la lal la.” It was pretty idyllic, but the quiet lake was cold. And I know some of you ache thinking about children going back to school or off to college.
Having kids leave home is hard. I still miss Emily, and I miss her friends and many of their parents, too. Jo-Ann Denehy, the mother of Nell, one of Emily’s best friends since kindergarten, doesn’t live far away, but mostly we keep up by the occasional email, which is not quite the same as stopping by to pick up Em and chatting while the girls bounced on a trampoline. Still it’s good, as is seeing Jo-Ann’s wonderful paintings on display here and there. The number, range, and beauty of her paintings has grown impressively these past years. Jo-Ann is a member of the Old Deerfield Painting Group, who just held their 22nd Annual Show at the White Church in Old Deerfield.

Here is “Cosmos and Hollyhocks,” though my photo doesn’t capture the rich colors.

And here is “Still Life with Frog.” LJ is giving me a hard time posting pictures these days, but if you click on it, you can see the whole picture!




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  2. Jo-Ann’s paintings were, by far, the best of the show. I wonder if she’s selling any of them? — PL

  3. I know what you mean about missing your kids AND their friends. I used to fret about the chatter and music and collection of shoes and coats that would fill the house…now I (truly!) miss all that. The paintings are lovely – thanks for sharing…

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