Posted by: jeannineatkins | August 22, 2011

Books and Boulders: Works by Pat Lowery Collins

Peter and I just spent two days in Gloucester, MA area to enjoy the ocean in its late summer glory and to visit my talented friend Pat Lowery Collins –novelist, picture book writer, poet, painter, vocalist, and teacher. She has a show called “Books and Boulders” ending this week at the Gloucester Lyceum and Sawyer Free Library.

Pat’s work, mostly rocks and sea done in pastels, greets you when you enter the lovely library. She takes pictures of rocks near her home, then works from memory and imagination.

There’s an impressive display of work she’s written and sometimes illustrated…

… including her most recent historical novel for young adults, Daughter of Winter, set in nearby Essex in the mid 1800s.

I’ll write more about some other treasures of the area in the next day or two, but wanted to put up this post while people might have a chance to get to the show. I’m sorry I only got there in its last week, but so glad I did. 



  1. Super talented lady!

  2. Lovely! Wish I could see it in person!

  3. your recent blog
    Thank you so much, Jeannine for your wonderful comments on my work. The pictures you took at the exhibit are terrific and such a nice record for me to have.I never expected this instant replay of our delightful day together. It was such a pleasure to meet Peter. You are now up there with my most favorite couples.

  4. Lovely! I didn’t know you knew Pat! 🙂 I don’t know her, know her, but I’ve corresponded with her and interviewed her. She’s lovely and talented! Peas in a pod, you two! xoxox

  5. Wow! Pat is a lady of very many talents.

  6. Such a treat to see this! And so lovely to think of you spending the day together with Pat.

  7. Pat is amazing. And btw, so are you!

  8. Yes, my photos don’t do these paintings justice at all.

  9. Re: your recent blog
    Oh, Pat, thank you so much. We had a wonderful day. Today we hit the Cape Ann Museum, which was wonderful, but Peter said he liked your boulders more than those we saw painted there, as your colors are so close to life, with just the right amount of artistic license. We stopped back at the library for one more look!

  10. Pat and I have been at the some of the same conferences and such, and gravitated to each other, and it was lovely to share a quiet meal with her and see her studio and beautiful home with its views. Thanks for the kind words, Debbi. I couldn’t think of a better compliment than being peas in a pod with Pat!

  11. Yes, indeed!

  12. It was wonderful, and your name came up, under the topics of amazing and inspirational, and kept us very good company.

  13. You take us on the most fascinating field trips, and introduce us to the most magnificent people. And what else would we expect, given that the curator is you.
    Thank you, Jeannine.

  14. Thanks, Melodye! It’s fun to go forth and fun to share!

  15. What a beautiful library! I’ve read some of Pat’s books but wasn’t aware she was so talented in so many fields. Her paintings are so shapely, you feel you can touch those boulders.

  16. Yes, the library is beautiful, and the children’s room was quite lively, with paintings, hangings, and weavings done by children. Pat’s art was displayed so that everyone walking in could enjoy it. I agree Pat’s paintings highlight the shadows and curves, as well as lovely ripples of water, that bring you to the shore.

  17. Such sweet words… my cheeks are burning! You should know that the same words come up when I talk about you and Pat. xo

  18. thank you
    Hey I’m Patrick and belive it or not I’m Pats grandson. Thenk you for writing about and saying you like her work.

  19. Re: thank you
    Patrick, thank you for the note! Lucky you, to have Pat in the family, and lucky her, to have you. I’ve long been a fan of Pat’s writing, and it was great to see more of her artwork, too.

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