Posted by: jeannineatkins | June 10, 2011

Poetry’s Surprises

I’ve cut a swathe through the life of a historical figure, written an almost 200 page draft I’m sending to my writing group and Peter to see if the narrative running through make sense. The poems are honed down and have some good imagery, but I’ll want to know which images might be toned down or tossed, and which developed. While the manuscript is with them, I’ve been thinking about ways to strengthen individual poems. I’ve straightened out the mess of my notes on a complicated life, but now everything looks a bit too tidy and needs some kicking around, a few holes smashed to look out to wider views.

Metaphors can make us leap from one thing to another, but any kind of contrast can wake us up. Tomorrow my husband and I celebrate our 28th anniversary, which makes me think how the power of contrast is built into most vows: for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, for as long as we both shall live. All those years ago I had my mind on wildflowers, baking a carrot cake for forty people, ironing my cotton dress, as well as love, but right now life is simpler and I had time to get my nails done. In a day spa with pale blue walls, water running over stones, gentle music, and a request posted on the door to turn off cell phones, Shawna patiently tended to my feet with files, creams, and paint. Her demeanor was suitably low key– she was chatty, but soft spoken – and I loved finding out that she learned about Madam C. J. Walker in her cosmetology school. But the biggest kick came when she told me how she loves to watch fast cars on the Speed Channel, something I didn’t know existed. The thought of those loud racing cars, while listening to New Age music, gave me a shock of inspiration.

So I’m off to make leaps in poetry, looking for ways to draw in the unexpected. And to have a celebratory weekend, too. Maybe with a love poem that allows for the variables of a long time together, and just, I hope, gushy enough.

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  1. Sending you a big, gushy HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!
    Love you!

  2. Happy Anniversary to you and Peter! Loved hearing all those details — yum, carrot cake. Have a beautiful celebratory weekend.

  3. Happy anniversary!
    And where did you get your pedicure? I was thinking my daughter might like that as a treat.

  4. Happy anniversary!

  5. Thanks, Jo! Love you, too!

  6. Thanks, Jama. I’m not going to bake a carrot cake, but if one comes into view…

  7. I went to Brooks and Butterfield on Main Street, which is pretty posh and pricey. My daughter when home are fond of Peter’s Nails over the river in Hadley by Stop and Shop which is cheaper and the people are very sweet and the massage chairs are great.

  8. Thanks!

  9. Congratulations on accomplishments all around, and good luck with the leaps.

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    cute! thank you.
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  11. Thanks, Kathy. Hope you enjoy the rest of June!

  12. Happy, happy belated anniversary, Jeannine! And for the wonderful example of how inspiration can be found in the most unexpected places.

  13. Hey!
    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Enjoy….and enjoy many more!

  14. Belated happy anniversary to two wonderful people! Plenty of contrasts and wider views in those 28 years, I’m sure. I love that you’re still open to new ones.

  15. Re: Hey!
    Thanks, Bruce. Hope to see you this weekend!

  16. Thanks, Laurie, and best wishes for your summer!

  17. Thanks, Amy. Thinking of you and the young reader in your house, who I hope isn’t making too gigantic leaps as she makes out words. Is she into Frog and Toad?

  18. So nice of you to ask, Jeannine. She has days where she wants only to be read to, other days where she insists on reading to us. Frog and Toad are such old favorites here that I think she knows every word by heart, but other times it’s brand-new stuff she hasn’t seen before. I’m astonished by how much she can make out now. She still laps up picture books, though — and I’m glad. I don’t want that read-in-my-lap stage to end too early! And it’s fun to see what she sees in a book like Robin’s Home that she didn’t see a year ago. xo

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