Posted by: jeannineatkins | May 9, 2011

The Hudson Book Festival and a Thrilling Mother’s Day Surprise

I had a great day at the Hudson Book Festival selling some books and chatting a bit with other –there were a hundred! –authors and illustrators. I remembered to take a few photos. Here’s D. Dina Friedman, a member of my writing group and author of Escaping into the Night, a great novel about children hiding in a forest outside Poland during the Holocaust.

Susanna Reich, smiling through the day despite a leg injury, and Gary Golio also write about amazing people in history, with some emphasis on the arts.

Here are Katie Davis and Jerry Davis, another creative husband and wife, with their charming new book, Little Chicken’s Big Day. And peeps.

It was fun to see Kate Messner  who we know writes beautifully about both history and contemporary life. I look forward to reading her latest for new readers, Marty McGuire.

Sarah Darer Littman writes with passion important novels for teens.

And here’s Ann Haywood Leal, who never fails to make me laugh, author of Also Known as Harper and other novels for middle readers.

It was a great day, capped by coming home and finding my daughter, who conspired with my husband to surprise me. You might have heard me scream (which Peter captured on video, which I posted on Facebook; if you’re not already my friend there, just send me a request). Emily and I had a wonderful time catching up, eating great food, stopping by at the grandparents, before Peter and I drove her to the airport in the wee hours so she could get back to work today. I’m one tired but happy mom.



  1. I love the picture of you and Emily together! What a perfect Mother’s Day surprise. It sounds like a great day all ’round!

  2. Looks like a great festival. And what a nice Mother’s Day surprise!!!

  3. Talk about the best surprise ever! 🙂

  4. Thanks, Stephanie. I know you celebrated earlier, but I hope you reveled in baby love. This was fantastic, but I’ll never forget my first Mother’s Day as a mom.

  5. It’s kind of hard getting back to the routine today, with me and my words that need revising, but I’m trying!

  6. Absolutely. I’d been whining for weeks about missing her, and it was hard to believe, not a photo, not a hologram, but my real live girl!
    Thanks, Becky.

  7. Aww 🙂 The mother-daughter pic is the best — she’s a pretty girl, and I can really see the resemblance!

  8. What a lovely day & such a great surprise! Great photo of you and Emily.

  9. Next year I’m going to make it to the Hudson Book Festival for sure. Thanks for the peek.
    Glad you had such a happy Mother’s Day surprise!

  10. Oh, NEAT! The event looked like so much fun, and I love that your daughter came home to surprise you. Yeah! Happy Mother’s Day to you!

  11. What a fantastic surprise!!!!! Hooray!

  12. Hooray for wonderful surprises! Best gift yet :). Enjoyed all the festival photos, thanks.

  13. Oh Jeannine, it just makes me happy to see the two of you together celebrating Mother’s Day. What a fabulous surprise!

  14. Thanks! She’s really not that much taller than me, but the camera was closer.

  15. Hope you had a good Mother’s Day, too, Jenny!

  16. Thanks, Monica!

  17. It was a short but very very sweet reunion!

  18. Couldn’t have been a better Saturday night or Sunday morning!

  19. Thanks, Jama. I was happy with the card she sent, and hoping for a phone call… but a hug (or two or ten) in person can’t be beat.

  20. I am one very lucky mom. I hope you had a good day, too, Lorraine.

  21. Awww! How wonderful to find your daughter waiting at home for you! It doesn’t get any better than that.

  22. I love this picture and I LOVE that she was able to surprise you like that. What a blessed relationship the two of you have.

  23. You’re right! Best wishes for your spring, Tami!

  24. Both daughter and husband were quite proud of the casual tone they maintained through voice and text that didn’t give me a clue. And yes, blessed to have a daughter so smart, funny, beautiful, loyal friend — and who can take long plane trips in stride!

  25. What a wonderful day! And that is one *beautiful* girl! You both look radiant.

  26. Thanks, Candice! And we’ve even finally got spring here, too! Tulips! Viburnum! And soon-to-be-blossoming lilacs!

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