Posted by: jeannineatkins | December 6, 2010

Wreath Making

The last few days Peter clipped hemlock, spruce, pine, mountain laurel and a few dried plants and winterberry to balance the fragrant green. I was busy in the kitchen making cookies, with my computer on the table to edit during those ten minute baking times. And nothing got burned. Hard to tell which smells better, pine or madeleines, peanut butter, or almond jam cookies, but I was glad for a few days of the mix.

Today we’re vacuuming prickly sofas (the dogs took good care of cookie crumbs) and have two wreaths on the door. I went for the bushy look.

And memories of sweet company leaving with their own amazing wreaths. My daughter won’t get here until shortly before Christmas, but we were happy that Nelly, Em’s friend since kindergarten, now a senior at UMass, came to make one wreath for her apartment and one for her mom.

Also representing the younger more glamorous generation, Rosa took the train from New York with her friend Dilini to cook and make a wreath: I hope all the train-riders going back last night appreciated the glimpse of glitter and woodsy smell!

Peter took too many good pictures to post, but I’m especially fond of this one of Bruce (right) who’s in my writing group, with Joe, whose wreath seems to show the celebratory spirit we all feel as he faced down a major health challenge this year.

Wishing such joy to you all! Now I’m ready for snow.



  1. What lovely wreaths! *Imagining the fragrance of pine and spruce*
    I’ll take an almond jam cookie! 🙂

  2. wow! Wreath making with live stuff. I miss that. I have a grapevine wreath I made 17 years ago and every once in a while I wind some new thing around it to add to the bells and things already on it.
    I do put out big vases full of pine, cedarm bay leaves and magnolia and sometimes holly, all of which grow wild here. I have a Norfolk Island Pine for the tree.
    Thanks for such lovely pictures and descriptions.

  3. Beautiful! What a fun thing to do together!

  4. How beautiful! Now, with the snow outside my window, the season is complete.

  5. I was so SAD to miss the party this year. 😦 I always look forward to it!
    When I was sick all night Saturday I thought, “Oh no, I hope I’m better by lunch tomorrow. I don’t want to miss the party!”
    hahah i wasn’t at all. Instead I was sitting in the er and I thought to myself, “Definitely not making the party… am I?”
    Oh well, next year!

  6. It’s such a good scent in such a big mess. But if you can live with dog hair, why not live with pine needles on the furniture.
    And the jam cookies are Peter’s favorite, too.

  7. I love the look of a grapevine wreath (glad they’re good for something — those vines are rampant here) especially with new trinkets on. And sounds like you have great smells covered. I always like to stick a few cloves in an orange, too, and breathe.

  8. Thanks, Laura!

  9. Sending you green and wreathy thoughts!

  10. We missed you, Rachel and I’m touched you had wreath thoughts while being sick at midnight. I hope you’re feeling much better, and I won’t demand that you make two wreaths next year. xo

  11. I love this happy post! Have a great holiday!

  12. Christmas done up right! Beautiful wreathes, lovely family memories. Send me a madeleine if the dogs haven’t gotten them all! And we are NOT ready for snow down here, though we’ve seen a few flurries.

  13. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!
    I’m not one for snow, but I’d LOVE to hang one of those wreaths on my door. *closes eyes; revels in their woodsy scent*

  14. PRETTY!

  15. I think it was one of the best wreath-making parties yet. What was it, the twenty-first? Twenty-second? Whatever, it was fun. You deserve many plaudits for keeping this party going all these years.
    I’m glad that, per your suggestion, I made my wreath a few days earlier, as it gave me a little extra time to walk around, take photos, and talk (albeit briefly) to people.
    And there’s something about that photo of Joe and Bruce that I didn’t notice until I looked at it closely here on your blog — you see those silver spirally things Joe used in his wreath? The way they are positioned, and the angle of the photo, make it appear that Bruce and Joe are connected, via these things and through the wreath (which, as we all know, is a symbol of strength, through the hardy evergreens, and eternity, by virtue of the circular form), by some kind of shimmering cosmic energy.
    Or something.
    Anyway, I thought it was cool. — PL

  16. Oh, how beautiful! It brings me back to the days when we used to help my dad with the Christmas wreath. I remember pine and spruce and sticky sap, and apples, nuts, and oranges tied with wire — and always a red, red bow.

  17. Thank you and happy holidays back to you!

  18. Re: It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!
    The smell may be my favorite part. My California daughter and her roommate swear they’ll get here next year even if they have to skip Thanksgiving and Christmas travels. Mm, we’ll see! My daughter can go for an inch of picture perfect snow, but prefers life in sandals. Understandable.

  19. That sticky sap smells pretty good. I think your dad was better with wire than I to manage nuts and oranges. I might lose my Christmas spirit trying to tie on something round.

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