Posted by: jeannineatkins | October 21, 2010

Thankful Thursday

1. Thank you, Joyce, for a thoughtful review of Borrowed Names at Musings
I love the quilt reference at the end.

2. I’m looking forward to seeing and meeting friends at Kidlit Con 2010 in Minneapolis! Tomorrow!

3. And spending some time with my friend Sam, who’s in her first year at Macalester College! I’ll get the tour.

4. Thankful to have finished one manuscript and to feel involved in another, and not to have to obsess about every single word and punctuation mark. Yet.

5. Of course thankful for New England in October, when we cheer for each warm day and enjoy the colors while adding on a layer of fleece, winding the scarf an extra wind, getting out the thick socks. Here’s a picture my husband took when we bicycled in Keene, New Hampshire on Sunday.



  1. Have a great time at the conference!

  2. have a wonderful time! (I love Minneapolis, I went to college there)
    if you have the opportunity, try the cinnamon or caramel rolls from Keys Cafe … several locations….

  3. Wow, look at those colors – reminds me of Easter – all pastels.

  4. Lovely photos! Enjoy your trip to KidLitCon. I look forward to reading about it after.

  5. Beautiful 🙂

  6. Have a wonderful time in Minneapolis! And thank you for that beautiful glimpse of fall.

  7. Thanks, Jama. I just wish we could spirit you there.

  8. this is my first trip — it seems like a cool place to go to college. Thanks for the caramel roll tip. Sam plans my first stop at the Tea Garden, which she promises is delightful.

  9. You’re right — it’s been a more muted fall than vivid, though there are some wild yellows. But nothing wrong with Easter egg trees.

  10. Thanks, Kathy. Hope you enjoy your weekend.

  11. Thanks!

  12. Hope your weekend is cozy and bright, Amy.

  13. from Laura @ AuthorAmok
    Have a wonderful conference, Jeannine. Wishing you and all the PF Bloggers a happy Poetry Friday.

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