Posted by: jeannineatkins | August 26, 2010

National Dog Day! and Maine!

I love dogs and I love Jama You can click on the link to celebrate both and see a picture of me with big Parker and lap-sized Louis. I’m the only one looking at the camera, but there are shots of children’s book writers with more aim-to-please dogs. In Parker’s defense, when my husband, with camera, called Parker to look, he obediently came when called. We don’t have a command for smile at the camera.

Have a great day! It poured in southern Maine yesterday, but today we’re back to sun and flip-flops, and I’m keeping writing to the morning. Pieces of poems are falling into place: there’s a use for rainy days! And I was glad for even a gray day before when we took this family photo and Em with Nell, friends since kindergarten, and Lindsay, who she met five years ago. We wish you could have gotten here Colleen, Liz, Zach… everyone!

Our dogs and cat (is there a cat day?) are being excellently cared for while we’re away by our dog-cat-horse-and-chicken-loving neighbor Gwenn. but if you have a moment, visit Jama jamarattigan and give them a pat. Or treat.



  1. Maine always sounds so idyllic to me (except during winter).
    Lovely photos! Such a cute family :).
    And you have a cat, too? Yes, there IS a National Cat Day in October. Do you think your cat will look at the camera? 😀
    Thanks for the link love. Enjoy the rest of your vacation, and thanks again for bringing Parker and Louis to the party.

  2. Maine is pretty idyllic. Ocean, rocks, blueberries, lobster… and the traffic is good in winter. Thanks for all your sweet thoughts and the dog party. I don’t expect the cat would look at the camera either. He has a bit of an attitude. He came into a home with two dogs so accepted that, but when we brought in Louis it put him over the edge. A cat sized dog? Yikes! His life has never been quite the same, though he’s mellowing with age.

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