Posted by: jeannineatkins | June 30, 2010

Whining Wednesday

“So you bloggers have Thankful Thursday, and Nonfiction Monday, and Poetry Friday,” my husband observed. “Why not Whiny Wednesday?”

I suppose a certain amount of complaining might naturally precede the grateful lists we sometimes post on Thursdays. Face it. Writing can be hard. Words don’t go where we want them to. The people who should get what we do don’t always seem to, and even when they give good advice, well, it’s hard to love those who set us straight. Somewhere there’s gratitude in my hard heart for being pointed in a new direction, but right now, I’m looking down too much at that rocky road and I want to whine.

Why can’t I write faster?

People say they want to help, but can’t someone just write this for me?

Couldn’t thirty-seven instead of thirty-nine revisions be enough?

Why does everyone interrupt me?

Why does everybody leave me too alone?

It’s hot.

Except that, after writing this yesterday, now that I’m posting, it’s not. The weather is crazily perfect. And wonderful Kelly brought me back a sweet souvenir from her ALA trip, a picture of Borrowed Names displayed with starry bookmarks, which I swiped from her blog and put below. And I’ve enjoyed many other fantastic pictures of happy friends from the convention. So I’m not whiny any more, but expect I will be soon enough. And if you care to join me, feel free to whine long and proudly! (Yeah, it’s starting to get too hot…)



  1. OMG I can so TOTALLY get into this Whiny Wednesday thing!

  2. love your whines! somehow they seem more poetic than mine.

    and yes, this morning was simply perfect writing weather… I realized I can blame lack of productivity on high miserable brainsucking humidity… here’s hoping it stays away for most of today!

  3. I was at ALA and I picked up a copy of your book for myself (and was bummed to find out you weren’t at the convention with it!). It was one of the first that my daughter snagged off the coffee table last night. A while later, I asked, “How do you like it?” and she said, “Oh, Mom, it’s really good.” 🙂

    She’s ten, by the way.

  4. Dialogue tags. Did I really just spend 45 minutes deleting dialogue tags from this manuscript? Why did I think I needed them? I wish they would delete themselves. Mmmph.

    There. I feel better. 🙂 Whine away! (And happy writing!)

  5. I knew I could count on your enthusiasm for this, Jeannine! Happy whining.

  6. Thanks, Jen. It’s noon … and like a perfect fall day. Amazing. Humidity does suck brains, scientific fact, but hope yours is working well today.

  7. You’re the sweetest, Anne Marie, and I’m very fond of your ten-year-old, too! I really hope we can meet before too long and I can sign that book, and talk!

  8. Oh, Jeni, I hear you. It seems you have to put those things in before you know they don’t belong. I’ve changed the spelling of a character’s name way too many times, and yeah, 45 minutes here, 45 minutes there. But I’m old enough to remember typewriters and white-out. In that case, maybe those dialog tags would just stay and the character’s name stay unchanged. There’s a blessing.

    But really whining is more fun. Then onto happy writing!

  9. My whine: I’m sick. *blech*

  10. It’s great to see your baby out there. Want to read it!!

    Thanks for the teacher memory. Helped a lot!

  11. And it’s really really really not fair to be sick in June/July. Extra whining is in order. And hugs to you.

  12. Thanks, Jenny! Hope your newest baby is wending its way to 2011!

  13. I’m trying to avoid whining about how the summer break messes up my writing schedule. Whoops!

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