Posted by: jeannineatkins | June 16, 2010

Blossoms Fall

I suppose it’s the generally cool spring that brought lots of blossoms to the dogwood tree outside our kitchen, but eventually the blooms must fall. Sometimes we’ve witnessed the lovely flutter down, and Peter took this picture of the lawn.

I’m heading into a summer of revision, and lots of words are already leaving a tree I thought was pretty gorgeous. The flutter of lost words is not much fun to watch. I’ve been bemoaning the holes in my well-tended manuscript. But yesterday I felt some flickers of excitement, remembering the possibilities of holes and bare-ish branches.



  1. Lovely photo.
    I love how you describe the lost words. Lots of emotions with that aspect of revision, yes.

  2. Ooo, I loved this post (especially the words “lots of words are already leaving a tree I thought was pretty gorgeous). Cheering for you as you head into your summer of revision! I’ll be there alongside you until I begin work on a new tree. 🙂

  3. There’ll be a new flock of words to settle on those branches. Dogwoods blooming in June? Our bloom in April…and the blossoms don’t fall. Must be a different variety.

  4. Once the rebuilding phase of revision starts, I’m happier! Seeing something grow instead of just… leave.

  5. Thanks for cheers and company!

  6. Candice, I’m pretty sure they’re a type of dogwood, but now you have me.. ducking. We’re definitely later here in Mass, and there are lots of species, so… but I’d better qualify to what-I-call-a-dogwood, ahem. Then go back to waiting for new words, which are coming. Phew.

  7. Hi Jeannine ~ I’ve never seen blossoms fall so perfectly. It looks like a multitude of flowers blooming in the lawn. I love the way you connect your writing to the photos you post. Mag & I are also doing another round of revision, so I know how you feel.

  8. We caught the blossoms at just the right moment. Not so pretty now after yesterday’s rain. Good luck with your revision! May this be the one that sings!

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