Posted by: jeannineatkins | June 10, 2010

Twenty-Seven Years

Here’s a view of what I’ve been seeing while writing in a hotel in Portsmouth, New Hampshire this morning. I like the seagull chirps, or are they cries or caws? Although my husband and I came to this gorgeous coastal city near where we got married to celebrate our anniversary, as we walked to breakfast he asked if I’d like some time to write today. I said, “Yes.”

Our very simple wedding vows included the usual for richer and for poorer, in sickness and in health, but not: and Jeannine should have time to write every day. But promised or not, he’s always made sure that happens. It’s one of the many things I love. Along with today’s great idea to turn the couch to face the window.

In the afternoon we walked by the ocean as we did on the evening of our wedding. I won’t post a picture of my nineteen-dollar dress and sandals. No pictures of the back yard, though it was filled with happy faces, or the carrot cake I baked, piling lopsided layers, though I remember it as being quite delicious. Wildflowers picked by Karen and other friends that morning. The floral wreaths my friend Sue made for me and my sister, the bridesmaid. Peter looking giddy and excited and ready to pack my secondhand electric typewriter, along with his ink, brushes, and paper wherever we next might go.


  1. Happy anniversary to you both! Such a lovely portrait of your wedding day, especially that last picture of Peter packing. I hope you’re both still feeling giddy about the adventures yet to come. xoxo

  2. Happy Anniversary!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Happy, happy anniversary! It sounds like a very special celebration of a beautiful day. Cheers.

  4. WHoa! Bob and I went to Portsmouth NH to celebrate one of his birthdays! It was in 2001 and we’d planned to go to Hawaii but after 9/11 we decided to stay close to home. It was a lovely place. Enjoy and happy anniversary! 27 years! Congratulations! xox

  5. Ohhh, what a good guy. 🙂 Congratulations! Yours is the third anniversary/love my husband post I’ve read this week. Love abounds! Enjoy every moment of your anniversary.

  6. random commenter

    happy anniversary, congratulations!

  7. Happy anniversary! What a great place to celebrate!

  8. Sigh. So romantic! Happy Anniversary, you two :). If I bake a carrot cake this weekend, it’s your fault. ♥

  9. Happy anniversary–and an extra shout-out to all those husbands who thoroughly support their writer-wives.

  10. Happy anniversary, to both of you! Lopsided cake is the most delicious, and love that comes with built-in creative time is the biggest, bestest kind of love.

  11. Congratulations on 27 years, Jeannine! That’s a wonderful accomplishment. Enjoy your time away.

  12. I love hearing stories of lives that last together! thanks for sharing….

  13. Thanks, Amy. I’m glad you can hear the word “packing” at this point and still come up with a positive image. Hope you’re uncovering more bluebells and other wonders.

  14. Thanks for all the exclamation marks, Jo!!!

  15. Aw, thanks. Hope your summer provides you with some good writing nooks and ideas amid sunny days with your guys.

  16. Portsmouth is beautiful. Yeah, it’s not Hawaii, but you and Bob should come back! And we’ll come up and have seafood with you!

  17. Well I guess a lot of us chose those June weddings, but how nice love abounds. Speaking of which, I love your new user pic!

  18. Re: random commenter

    Thank you for the random but sweet congratulations!

  19. Thank you! — any place by the ocean is pretty amazing. Hope your summer includes some salt water, though lake water is pretty great, too.

  20. Thanks, Jama. We’ve been having too much seafood to save much room for dessert. But now that we’ve put that carrot cake in our minds….

  21. Thanks, Kathy. Yes those husbands who stand behind writer wives, and we’re the first to admit we’re not absolutely always easy, should get gold trophies and chocolate cake.

  22. You said it, Tracy! Fortunately I didn’t really have time to worry about the cake: it stayed together, that was my main concern. It was only seeing the pictures that made me think uh oh. But by then it was all eaten.

  23. Thanks, Susan. Sitting with our laptops at the moment, watching the sun go down…. tomorrow: back to the world, but look forward to much in the coming year.

  24. Thank you, Jen. I look forward to seeing you next month! Hope end of school is going well and your creativity is starting to nip your heels. Or something.

  25. Happy anniversary!!!!

  26. Happy Anniversary!
    It sounds wonderful–both then and now.

  27. Thank you, Karen! Have a good weekend!

  28. Thanks! Have fun with your picture book workshop!

  29. Happy Anniversary. You both found treasures. 🙂

  30. I hope you had a wonderful anniversary, Jeannine. I love the peek into your day twenty-seven years ago.

  31. “In the afternoon we walked by the ocean as we did on the evening of our wedding.”

    And you were as lovely this time as that time, Jen… perhaps more so.

    — Pete

  32. Thank you for all your kindness, Becky!

  33. Thanks, Lorraine. Loved the peek into your day twenty-nine years ago!

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