Posted by: jeannineatkins | May 26, 2010

A Good Morning

I loved started my morning hearing that The Brilliant Fall of Gianna Z., a novel about a girl with an athletic, scientific, and creative bent, perhaps a bit like her creator, Kate Messner , was honored with an E.B. White award for best read aloud. I’m giddy thinking of this book moving into more homes and classrooms. Kate teaches middle school where her students get to read silently with her or sometimes listen. All these spoken and silent words make me happy, as does a prize for the wonderful Kate. If I know her, she’s spending part of the day looking for a teaching moment to share from the goodness.

If you, say, snapped your fingers along with the Borrowed Names book trailer created by Cindy Dobrez from Bookends, which I linked to in my last post, you may want to check out other nontraditional nonfiction reviews. And you have until tonight to vote on your favorite here Vote early, vote often … um, no, I didn’t say that. Vote with care.

Or just join me on the porch, where I’m spending part of the day putting together some sentences. With an eye out for bees and hummingbirds. Pay no attention to the edge of that hammock in the photo.



  1. I voted with care, Jeannine! (And snapped my fingers while doing it).
    Have a good writing day. I’ve done my quota, and am back to home improvement…

  2. I voted with care, too. And with pleasure. Wonderful news about Kate’s book!

  3. Thanks for voting and snapping, Tracy, and good job with your quota! I’ll be back on the porch tomorrow!

  4. Thanks, Amy! And there is a lovely feeling that someone who as a teacher and person as well as a writer pushes for the pleasures and uses of reading aloud with those who can read themselves getting an award for a good book to read aloud. I’m not sure that was a sentence. Sorry, but it is 97 degrees here today and my mind is getting kind of mushy. But so nice to see you here! (I’ll lend you a fan…)

  5. Thanks, Jeannine – and did you see any hummingbirds? My honeysuckle is just starting to blossom, so I’ve been watching, too.

  6. Congratulations again, Kate! And yes, the hummingbirds are busy, and one of the best parts about honeysuckle!

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