Posted by: jeannineatkins | May 24, 2010

Sometimes one line is all you need

Yesterday my husband and I loaded bikes into the truck and drove to the Ashuwillticook Rail Trail. One of the great things about this western Mass. path is it goes by several lakes and a brook. We saw yellow water lilies in one and swamp marigold in another. As we pedaled, my husband, who has been scanning old photos from our pre-digital age and has been nostalgic, talked about the ways I wrote when we first met almost thirty years ago – mostly stories on an electric typewriter — and the way I write now – more poems on a laptop. Discussing why I lean more to verse, I said, “Sometimes one line is all you need.”

“That could be a good subject for a blog,” Peter said, then pulled over to the edge of the path, took out his phone, and sent me a text so I’d remember the words. We were soon on our way again and slowed down as we saw geese ahead. And then we saw their babies. Peter got a close-up shot.

I wish I had a theme here beyond this was our weekend, or an elaboration on the saved sentence, but sometimes fluffy waddling goslings are all you need.



  1. Adorable little honkers! 🙂

  2. So cute. Are they Canadian? They look less gray than the ones we get out here.
    Sometimes one line–even in prose, I want more lean, spare writing. When I’m critiquing, I try so hard to let the writer know that when I ask for “more,” it’s often just that–just one line. And in this historical, I want to keep it lean like that. We all have a lot to learn from poetry. 🙂

  3. Fluffy waddling gosslings are *exactly* what I need. Thanks for the smiles. 🙂
    Do you think spare prose is an overall trend? It seems to me, from the books I’ve been reading (nonfiction and fiction, YA to grown-up fare).

  4. Those babies are soooo cute! Your wonderful photos just totally made my day!

  5. 🙂
    I love them!

  6. What a wonderful, supportive mate you have. I’m glad. 🙂
    Thanks for sharing the fluffy waddling goslings.

  7. I like this — and love the adorable goslings 🙂

  8. Awwwwww.

  9. I love the way Peter sent you a text so you would remember the words! It’s amazing how one sentence can point to so much, how just a few words can speak to our hearts, and how a gaggle of goslings waddle away with even those few words.
    Thanks for sharing your lovely bike ride.

  10. Nothing quite like a fuzzy yellow-ish baby!

  11. Yes, these are Canada geese which I know many by the water consider a nuisance. One does need to watch one’s step after they’ve been around. But how can you not love those babies?
    And great point about critiquing and asking “more,” when it might mean less.

  12. I’m glad I could bring you a smile with goslings as you often bring me a smile with flowers. And Jama with her cupcakes. Etc.
    Great question re spare prose. Maybe I’ll do another blog trying to answer that..!

  13. I’m glad the adorableness came out in the photos! My husband is very pleased with the zoom lens on his camera!

  14. There is nothing like a baby by the water….

  15. Thanks, Tracy!

  16. And this icon of your face always makes me smile, too!

  17. Really. Sometimes awwwww says it all.

  18. He sometimes sends himself texts, too, especially when on the bike path and an idea that might fade pops in. I’m a bit more cavalier, but appreciated this effort.
    And Lorraine, that middle sentence: I think I need it above my laptop. Thank you.

  19. I’d love to read your thoughts on that…!

  20. Oh, they are sure cute. My daughter loves baby animals.

  21. Almost cuteness overload. Thanks for stopping by, Janelle!

  22. Fluffy waddling goslings make me happy.

  23. What precious, fluffy fabulousness – these little guys just made my morning. Much more fun to look at than the weeds I’ve been pulling in my yard!

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