Posted by: jeannineatkins | May 8, 2010


I came across these white trillium while walking along a trail in Essex, Vermont. I tread carefully around the flowers, but didn’t watch out for the muck. My feet got kind of soaked. It didn’t lessen my enchantment. I felt like a child finding a secret forest where fairies seemed bound to live. A place where I was alone, but felt in hushed and wonderful company. A place of secrets, and every one of them benign.

Alone and in company is how I feel when my writing is going well. And among secrets, though these might not all be as unthreatening as those kept near the forest floor.



  1. You know it’s magical when cold, wet, squishy shoes don’t lessen your enthusiasm. Still, I prefer to write in socks only.

  2. I remember learning about the menehune in Hawaii and then driving past a place where I just KNEW they lived. Always torn between the wish to actually see them & knowing I should leave them in peace. 🙂

  3. A beautiful post . . . it made me feel as if I was walking beside you.

  4. That’s so inviting!

  5. White trillium forest
    That was put so lovely, Jeannine. Have a Happy Mother’s Day today! – Ellen

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