Posted by: jeannineatkins | April 20, 2010

Apple Blossoms

My parking space at UMass is a bit closer than own garage, but in winter the walk to my classroom on the big campus can seem long. In mud season, we in Lot # Are-you-kidding-me park even further to a meadow, trying to avoid spots where our cars may sink. But now that the sun’s been shining, parking in the hinterlands has its pleasures. I’ve had my eye on the tight pink buds of an apple tree on the edge of the woods, where years ago someone might have tossed an apple core. At last many buds have opened.

Tomorrow a wind may blow, the pink blossoms will fall, and everything will look entirely different.

And when I sit to write, for a while I get to be like the spring wind. Some visions in my mind will disappear. But something else will happen.



  1. What pretty blossoms! I miss our apple tree.

  2. Wonderful photo.
    It is nice that the parking is nice in the springtime.

  3. Apple trees are one of my favorites. They even look kind of cool in winter with their knobbliness. But I’m sure you’re enjoying some other great blossoms.

  4. Thanks, Sarah. I can’t say much for the lot, but there is that one tree.
    Hope you are figuring out some good travel options.

  5. I love your last 3 sentences 😀

  6. Thanks, Meg. It sounds like you’re having a creative spring, which I hope bursts into a productive summer pretty soon!

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