Posted by: jeannineatkins | April 11, 2010

Spring Sunday

Okay, Easter with my daughter by the Pacific was pretty cool. But our post-Easter celebration, which my husband is calling Peaster, had pleasures of its own. The green beans were crisp, the potatoes were soft, and a perfect few slices of lemon cake were leftover. The two teen girls were happy as ever to hunt for eggs, and even found one they missed last year. At my end of the dinner table. we managed to work in a small discussion about Little Women. And our friend Jess, whose smile is like a light bulb and who starts her yoga classes saying things like you should thank yourself just for showing up – as upbeat a person as you can imagine – cracked me up when she said her all time favorite book is The Brothers Karamozov, which I remember as being about as dark as prose can get.

A good day. The dogs shared the ham bone. And I made the baby smile.

My husband took this picture of four generations of his family, with his brother on the left, his brother’s son holding the baby, and their dad on the right:


  1. Sounds like a lovely family event. Great picture of the four generations.

  2. I am in awe of your Peaster celebration and family photo with everyone adoring the newest little member! Beautiful.
    And did the girls find a petrified egg from last year?!

  3. Oh such a photo!

  4. Oh, what a lovely time. Look at the baby! You should have both Easter and Peaster every year.

  5. I am jealous because I can’t see the photos for some reason. What a LOVELY day!! 🙂

  6. Love the 4-gen pic!

  7. NEAT! I love the photos of Peaster. And what an adorable little boy. He looks at Peas (peace). 🙂

  8. I love the baby’s hand in his great-grandfather’s.

  9. My husband directed everyone to look at the baby. Except of course the baby who was camera mesmerized. Good thing, as that baby had to face a lot of cameras!
    The eggs are plastic, but I didn’t hear what was inside it. I suppose tootsie rolls last a year? Do I want to know? Had they been cooked eggs no doubt a critter would have feasted.

  10. great pictures! we had a great time; days like this past Sunday don’t happen all the time. Thanks for all of your hard work in making it happen!

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