Posted by: jeannineatkins | April 5, 2010

Back to Mass. and Visiting Hipwritermama

No more gushing over Sir Paul, hanging with my daughter, enjoying movies, and California. At least the reality of Massachusetts includes some sun and forsythia! I had a wonderful Easter brunch with my daughter, spotting dolphins on the Malibu coast. Will I ever be able to go back to putting a ham and bread in the oven, par-boiling green beans, and setting a big table? Oh, yeah. Next Sunday, when the east coast family members will be coming to the house. But, hey, my nephew and niece are bringing their four month old. He’s right up there with dolphins.

And I got a lovely welcome home from lovely Vivian, who invited me to guest blog about how I came to write Borrowed Names over at I hope you’ll visit us there!


  1. You two are just too glamorous!! Loved your guest post :).

  2. Terrific photo! And good job over at Vivian’s!

  3. You two look like you’re having so much fun! I’m looking forward to reading your interview.
    And I’m hoping we get a chance to write together soon again?

  4. Who are those beautiful women behind the shades? Such a nice experience to share.
    Great guest blogging, too. This last line hit me (even though I’m too intimidated to write poetry:
    “And I hope those of you who are writing poetry won’t ever lose faith in the power of small words and the pauses between them.”
    That’s poetry, right there.

  5. You are such the jet-setter now! Great picture. I’m off to read your guest post.

  6. Thanks, glamorous Jama!

  7. Thanks for joining me at Vivian’s nice spot!

  8. I’ll be pouring iced tea out on the porch whenever you’re ready!

  9. Thanks, Tracy. Driving up the highway, just before the ocean came in view, Emily changed her music to the Beach Boys. Mmm, salt air.

  10. Thanks, Susan. I was thinking about you yesterday and look forward to your post today.

  11. I used to live there and do miss the ocean air. Colorado is beautiful but it’s landlocked. I need my ocean fix now and again.

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