Posted by: jeannineatkins | April 1, 2010

All You Need is Love

When I was a girl collecting bubble gum scented cards, one of many nine year olds willing to trade three George, John, and Ringos for one Paul McCartney, I never dreamed that one day I’d hear him while holding hands with my daughter in the Hollywood Bowl. Singing along to “Yesterday” and “Hey Jude,” and “Let it Be.”

We sat in front of a sweet young woman who in the best California style offered her hand and introduced herself and her brother, who was maybe twelve. Behind us were two couples in their sixties I expect, and one woman screamed over and over: We love you Paul! Of course we do. Her husband didn’t object to the often repeated shout, which I thought was sweet. Almost everyone in the crowd was smiling and singing and breaking into gasps at the beginning notes of songs that swept us back in time.

There are few stars who come across as seeming truly humble. And gentle. Paul is one. He chatted briefly between songs, casually as if in a living room, and as if he hadn’t repeated these stories perhaps thousands of times. Of course he didn’t have to say much. Things like, “I wrote this song for Linda.”

Paul was my favorite as a girl –of course, Emily said when I told her – but in my twenties I was devoted to George. Paul began a tribute to him playing the ukulele, remembering jamming together, and we truly felt his spirit there. And Paul sang a song inspired by things he wished he’d said to John, and hadn’t. “But I am now,” he said.

“All we are saying, is give peace a chance.”


  1. This was so much fun, Jeannine. Though you know I’m going to be singing “Yesterday” in my head all day long now. Lovely shots of you and Em!

  2. very cool.

  3. I’ll be singing “Yesterday” with you.
    One of the lovely parts of the concert was how Paul alluded to losses that clearly broke part of his heart, but keeps on making music.

  4. GREAT photos!! My mom had one of those bubblegum cards — it was a black and white card of all of the Beatles on stage. She made the mistake of giving it to me when I was 7 (mistake, because I ended up tearing it later). So glad you and your daughter enjoyed the concert!

  5. Ahh, you bring me down memory lane…I was in love with Paul when I was nine too. And then went on to appreciate John and especially George. What fun that you could go with Em–something you certainly didn’t imagine when you were nine!
    Now I’m wanting to hear Hey Jude. 🙂

  6. Lovely. And who knew, all those years ago, that the best possible way you could see Paul in concert would turn out to be with your daughter. 🙂

  7. Lucky you! Paul was my favourite, too. Thanks for sharing your concert!

  8. xoxo!

  9. *on the floor* sigh sigh sigh.
    I had Beatles bubble gum cards, too.
    And Paul has always been my fave. sigh sigh sigh. Oh, I already did that, didn’t I . . .

  10. Awww. The Beatles were so much the soundtrack of our youth. It’s so good we still have John. (I was a George girl, too.)

  11. Oh, wow, Jeannine! What a trip looking at these images. I was a big Paul fan in high school when I rediscovered the Beatles with my friends. Thanks so much for sharing these pics!

  12. 😀

  13. Oh man, what a thrill! Thanks for letting us share it with you.

  14. I feel like I’m there . . . and eleven years old again. Thanks so much for sharing!

  15. WOW!!!!
    I didn’t know “where you were coming from” with some of your earlier posts about Paul in concert—I thought that tour was over.
    LOVE the pics with BIG George smiling down on Paul—VERY COOL!!!

  16. I would love to hold and smell one of those cards again! I hope the seven-year-old you imprinted well before the card was ripped!

  17. Amazing all the creativity among those four Beatles, together and alone or with others.

  18. It was so special, knowing I had different associations for most of the songs, but with both of us feeling the love.

  19. Always nice to bring some Beatles into the day! Thank you for stopping by.

  20. Sigh. Yes, that about sums it up.

  21. The Beatles were a very good soundtrack. I hope your daughter likes them, too!

  22. You and your friends had good taste!

  23. Re: WOW!!!!
    And Paul smiling up at George, but a little too far to see.

  24. Sir Paul!
    Dear Jeannine and Emily!
    Rock on ladies! You got to rock with Paul….LIVE!!!!!!!!
    Mega, ultra, super, far out, COOL!!!!!!
    Enjoy your visit Jeannine!
    Best to Emily!
    Bruce and Catherine

  25. I LOVE that smiling photo of you. It’s brilliant!
    I don’t think I was ever a big Paul fan. When I was really little, I loved Ringo. For his name, I think. Then it was George (for his soulfulness) until I saw HELP! (or was it HARD DAY’S NIGHT?), and fell for John’s wit. He was so smart and funny.
    Ah, memories. Thanks for sharing your wonderful experience with us.

  26. My daughter was laughing when she pointed the camera at me: um, glad you think it’s brilliant, Tracy!
    John was so smart, and George, yes, soulful, the perfect word (except what was with all the cigarettes?) and I’m happy you were a young Ringo fan. He is very moving singing Photograph in Concert for George, a wonderful tribute album. (do we still call them that? My daughter kept laughing when I referred to watching tapes.)

  27. We still call them albums around here! 🙂

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