Posted by: jeannineatkins | March 25, 2010


1. I love Thankful Thursday, but to be honest, what I’m loving most about it at the moment is that I can put down a few quick things. Think I’ll call that one.

2. For the real spirit of thankfulness, including hope’s graceful narrative arc, please see Melodye’s blog newport2newport yesterday.

3. Joyce moyer-girl is running a contest, and you can win a copy of one or two of my books! Just go to the link by her name and leave a comment that you want to enter for a chance to win a copy of Borrowed Names or Anne Hutchinson’s Way, a picture book I wrote which was illustrated by Michael Dooling. If you’re new to Joyce’s blog, you’ll want to look around to discover the great historical fiction she has written. Next week she’s running an interview she did with me. I’m truly grateful for Joyce Moyer Hostetter’s generosity and energy!

4. I’ll fill in details later, but Nat at Amherst Books
will be holding a party to celebrate Borrowed Names on Tuesday, April 27 at 5:00. If you live nearby, or if you don’t but are my brother-in-law, (thanks, Bruce!) I hope you’ll mark your calendars!

5. My husband and I are thankful that our daughter found some great new workplaces for herself pretty quickly. And I’m thankful that I will visit her next week!

Of course I’m celebrating signs of spring, too. Here are a few flowers I saw at the Smith College greenhouse a few days ago.



  1. I am halfway through Borrowed Names and I love it! It is amazing how you filled the lovely poems with information!

  2. I’m thankful that spring is here and it feels like it, too. I’m thankful for your flower photos – what beautiful blooms.

  3. Ohhh, those are beautiful.
    I’m going to check out Joyce’s blog now (and try to win your book!).
    Hey wait … my mother’s birthday is Saturday … I should buy it for her. (I seriously just came up with this thought while typing my comment. My mother bought me the set of LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE books when I was in third grade; have been thinking about that a lot this week.)I’m going to do so tonight. 🙂
    Enjoy your visit with your daughter! Jeni

  4. Thank you so much — not just on Thursday, but always — for reading. I’m very happy that you like it!

  5. And I’m thankful for your help with libraries.

  6. Jeni, it touches me so much to think of you getting the book for your mom, who introduced you to Laura Ingalls Wilder. If you’d like me to send an autographed plate, please let me know your snail mail at jeanatkins at aol dot com.
    Of course I’d love to see a picture of the three generations!
    And I will enjoy that visit, thanks!

  7. Oh, I would love that! Thank you so much!! I will send you my address now. We’ll all be together this weekend for my son’s confirmation; will have a picture to share next week.

  8. Spring flowers, a contest to win your book, and LJ friends–I’m thankful for all of these things!

  9. I popped over to enter the contests! I’m feeling lucky, baby!
    Those flowers are gorgeous and I cannot wait until I have some blooming here. Ah, spring…

  10. Thank you Lorraine! Our spring flowers were seen in a greenhouse, but the trees are budding, so we are close!
    I’m thankful you’re back home, and thankful you had a wonderful trip!

  11. Putting up with all that snow, you deserve some luck, Tracy! Living near colleges, we get a little giddy wrangling our way into the greenhouses and putting our noses in the buds. But my forsythia are turning just a bit yellow….

  12. You are so sweet to mention my blog entry! Truly, it was a magical, serendipitous experience that I’ll always remember. I think it’s awesome that you stopped by to celebrate it with me. *is grateful*

  13. I’m looking forward to your party, Jeannine. But isn’t it Tuesday April 27?

  14. Dina, thank you so much for catching my mistake! I am fixing it.

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