Posted by: jeannineatkins | March 11, 2010

Thankful Thursday

1. I’m sad that Amy historymaven will be moving across the Atlantic in a few weeks, but happy I got to spend yesterday afternoon with her. I even saw my first crocus of the spring as we walked. And I will treasure the memory of Amy talking about voyagers real and imaginary while we looked over the Concord River.

2. Tomorrow I will meet LJ friend Mary maryecronin in person! I’m hoping for some lovely poetry talk over good coffee.

3. On Saturday, I’ll see even more friends at an SCBWI event at the Eric Carle Museum

4. Today after class I’m talking with Nat at Amherst Books about doing a signing for Borrowed Names, which should come out next week. I’m trying not to be nervous. This will be my first book published since I started blogging. And Facebooking, too, and sticking the tip of one toe into Twitter. For the first time, I put my name on Google alerts. I’m more used to shuffling through the dark as my books made slow ways into the world, and while there’s a lot of good in being more public, the shy part of me keeps stepping back.

5. Recently my daughter was laid off, along with many other good people in her company, from a part time PR job she liked. It was sad to hear her tale of packing up her desk among many other emptied cubicles and stacks of boxes, but I was glad to hear about lovely good-bye hugs and promises to keep her in mind. She’s busy with applications and hearing some encouraging words.

I’m off to class to talk about C.S. Lewis, but Jo jbknowles is looking for revision companions this mornings, so if you’re inclined head on over. I believe she is making very strong tea.



  1. I love the intense blue color of that teapot….

  2. I’m so sorry about your daughter’s job. Best of luck to her in finding a new one.
    Enjoy your CS Lewis class!

  3. Holding good thoughts for your daughter as she heads out on the next leg of her career-adventure.
    Wishing you a good day with C.S. Lewis and your class, Jeannine.

  4. Yes, that cobalt blue seems like it’s in the Crissa color scheme.

  5. Aw, thanks for the good thoughts re my daughter.
    And I do enjoy these C.S. Lewis classes. It seems while all of us can find things to criticize, most of us are enchanted enough.

  6. Thanks, Tracy. In the long term, there are those life lesson things of news we read about hitting home. In the short term, it’s hard. But she’s aware that being on the lower end of job hierarchies gives her better chances than some others of finding another, if not perhaps quite as quickly as she hopes.
    Just typed up a few Tolkien notes.. and I’m off!

  7. Yes! In fact…it’s the color of the t-shirt I’m wearing right now.

  8. Sorry to hear about your daughter’s job.
    It was nice you got to spend time with Amy before she leaves the country. And have fun meeting Mary tomorrow!

  9. Give Mary a hug for me! I’ve never met her in person but she was in my first ever online crit group a decade (or more) ago! 🙂 Small world, right?

  10. For your daughter – when the Lord closes a door – somewhere he opens a window. Mother Superior – Sound of Music
    I understand about the shyness. But good for you for sticking your toes, and fingers and nerves into the social networking world.
    You’ve got a friend in NC. Would love to interview you on my blog.

  11. Oh, it was so nice seeing Amy, but I am going to miss having the chance to see her now and then. I do get to drink tea from the lovely blue cup and commune with her though. And I hope once she’s settled we’ll see her online!

  12. Oh what a great connection! I will give her a hug from you!

  13. Yes, you and Mother Superior are right about doors and windows. I’m proud she’s hunting out the windows and not just staring at the impertinent doorknob.
    Yay for my friend in NC! I’d love to do an interview with you! And won’t even have to feel shy. Thank you!

  14. Another option is to have you guest blog about your process. Do you have a preference? I’m happy either way! And if your publisher or you want to do a giveaway I’ll promote it all around on twitter, 2 blogs, facebook and Enewsletter
    Can’t wait to feature you.

  15. I thought Amy had already moved. Goes to show what I know. Glad you got to see her and Mary, though!

  16. Joyce, I’m going to send you an email! Thank you1

  17. It is hard to keep track of all the whereabouts of everyone we know on line! Amy still has books and teapots to be packed, but it won’t be too long now before she will be having fresh scones every morning, or so we like to imagine.

  18. Oh, Jeannine, dear — you even took a photo of the teapot! I must say it looks very much at home, and it warms my heart to see it there. As it warmed my heart to see you (only of course that was even better).
    Thinking of you and of Em, and wishing all good things for you both. xoxo

  19. Amy, it is a treasure to have a bright blue piece of you here, keeping your spirit close. I must agree it is quite a heavy little round teapot! But it keeps the tea good and warm.
    Thinking of you a lot! xo

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