Posted by: jeannineatkins | February 21, 2010


This week my daughter came home to mark turning twenty-one, and we drove through some snow to spend a day in Boston. From our hotel we could see the gold-domed State House past the snow-gilded trees.

Emily stayed in while I said my hello to these cold ducks in the Public Garden and fetched coffee. Then I read her the first two chapters of The Lightning Thief, which we picked up after seeing the movie.

Family gathered to take happy turns holding Ben’s (my nephew) and Kelly’s baby Ian. Now Emily keeps saying, “I miss the baby.” Kelly returns to teaching tomorrow, so my thoughts are with her as I know the separation will be tough. Even though Ben just left his job to be a full time dad.

On Saturday I spent the afternoon in the kitchen. Em set a pretty table with white roses and lilies and gold stars drifting in the water, and we toasted her turning twenty-one. I gave her one of my two advanced copies of Borrowed Names, which is dedicated to her.

Right now Em and her friend Lindsay are tucked upstairs, but they’ll be going back to work and school and new homes soon. I’ll have more time to write in the afternoons as well as the quiet mornings, but I’m going to miss their laughing.



  1. Happy Birthday, Em! What lovely photos. Thanks for sharing this momentous occasion with us. 🙂

  2. So glad you had such a nice visit, Jeannine!

  3. baby to 21 — wow it goes fast, doesn’t it, not that you’d want to tell the new mom that now…
    happy daughter’s birthday to you!

  4. I love the combo of pix here — very nice, Jeannine 🙂

  5. Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter!!
    And I love your photo of ducks in the snow . . .
    Me too – I have to get back to writing next week. I only accomplished research this past week, with B home on vacation. STill, the research was fun and I have the twinges of an exciting new idea . . .

  6. Love the photos and getting a little peek into the celebration! You two are glowing together. Happy days to you both.

  7. Thank you, Jama!

  8. Thanks, Jo. I’m thinking of you today re your fb post. Sigh. Grrrr. Hugs.

  9. Thanks, Jen! Oh, time. My daughter figured she’d be 42, when the baby turns 21, and figures she’ll still be young enough to be a cool aunt.

  10. And I like your new icon! So friendly!

  11. I love those ducks when children are climbing over them, but they were lovely in the quiet morning snow, too.
    Daughter home is a good time to do the research you can pickup and put down. Now I hope your idea twinges can spring open!

  12. Thanks, Lorraine! I smiled when I saw you in your pink lotus form. I’ve missed you.

  13. Enjoy the daughter time! Wish Em a happy for me! Hugs!

  14. What a wonderful time together – and how wonderful to be able still to read children’s books to your now-“legal” daughter. And to have an ARC to give her (although I confess myself shocked at you having only two of them)!

  15. Thanks, Nan!

  16. It was a good time! I was sent two of the hardcovers, with more promised soon. It was nice to split the bounty.

  17. So enjoyed this post, Jeanine! Thank you for sharing yourself and the beautiful pictures. What a gorgeous daughter you have!

  18. Happy birthday Em!!!!

  19. Such sweet photos! Especially the one of you and Em, and of the baby. So glad you had such a happy weekend!

  20. Sounds lovely, and what a special gift! Thanks for sharing your pix. (And I just put Borrowed Names on reserve at the library–I can’t WAIT to read it!)

  21. Thank you for the note. And I love your new icon with your beautiful book cover!

  22. Thanks, Laura — and also for your note at the mackids blog site! And for reserving Borrowed Names — exciting to think it’s on its way into libraries!

  23. Oh, gosh, THANKS, Jeannine!

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