Posted by: jeannineatkins | February 18, 2010


I’m enjoying daughter-time and will pull together some pictures soon. We spent a day in Boston and are working on family plans to celebrate her 21st birthday. My children’s literature class will look at picture books this afternoon, one of my favorite days of the semester (except for the dragging them in a suitcase part; UMass is a big campus and my parking is in the hinterlands). And I’m writing my way into a new book. Here’s kind of what it looked liked yesterday: moving along, then curving into detours, feeling dizzy, before getting back to business. For a while.

I take many walks through the same woods, and just about every time I see something new. And every time I loop back through my writing, I find words to change.



  1. An excellent metaphor. I feel the same way and work much the same way, though these days I’m doing more spadework up front. Still, I find myself getting lost . . .

  2. Gorgeous pictures. Beautiful metaphor.
    *wishes you joyful discoveries on your walks*

  3. Hooray for mother-daughter time! And hooray for a new story! Lovely photos – thanks for sharing!

  4. I love those photos–there’s something focused and determined about those tracks pushing through the snow, even if they do wander! Happy 21st to your daughter. 🙂

  5. Spadework and getting lost: both necessary at their own times. Good luck hacking!

  6. Thanks, Melodye. Snow has its beauty but I’m enjoying your nestlings shots. Warm and cozy and eccentrically amazing.

  7. Thanks, Debbi. I was thinking of you a lot today and yesterday, and glad your perseverance seems to be paying off.

  8. Yes, I suppose there is that focus in the tracks! Thank you for seeing it and pointing it out. Oh she is quite set on being a happy 21 year old!

  9. Wait–you’re calling me eggcentric?
    LOL, I was afraid of that.

  10. I have to be careful about looping back through my words before I have a 1st draft completed, or I find myself in an endless circle!

  11. “And I’m writing my way into a new book.”
    Happy sigh.

  12. I love bird tracks in the snow. They always seem to tell a story.

  13. Little loops are good, but you’re right: endless circles are not.

  14. Yes, there are little loopy happy moments to savor.

  15. They really do. I expect the chaos under the bird feeders, but I’m touched by the tiny tracks around the door. When did they come? Why didn’t I hear them knock?

  16. Somewhere Cynthia Lord had a post about a wonderful little foldable, portable dolly that she got to move her daughter. That might help with the suitcase full of picture books. I’ll try to find the link and send it to you.

  17. It’s the Magna Cart Personal Hand Cart. I’ve been meaning to get one for my own use (also to help move daughter back into college room next fall).

  18. Happy 21st birthday to your daughter! I’m so glad you’re getting to celebrate and spend time with her.
    And how wonderful that you’re wandering and looping through a new story. Those tracks just invite you to follow them, don’t they?

  19. Kathy, thank you for thinking of my back! Actually my suitcase has wheels, but they really aren’t meant for winter gritty parking lots. This sounds like something we use for boxes during our library book sales, and it is a backsaver.

  20. Twenty first celebration tonight! This morning it’s nice to have her tucked in her old room with a friend who took the bus in from Boston for the occasion.
    Yes, enjoy making a few tracks. Miss seeing signs of you though. I hope all is well with you as your chapters reach that next decade.

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