Posted by: jeannineatkins | January 29, 2010

Borrowed Names: Getting Ready to Go into the World

First the big dog barks, then the little dog yaps. I hear the UPS guy, then find a padded envelope by the door. I’m not expecting anything. It looks, I think, heart leaping, book-size. Yes, yes, there’s a real hard copy of Borrowed Names: Poems about Laura Ingalls Wilder, Madam C.J. Walker, and Marie Curie that I get to hold in my hands and riffle throuh. Geek that I am, I stroke the soft thick paper, marvel at the gilded lines. It’s a different cover than the advanced reading copy, which everybody liked, but the people at Holt wanted something a bit more memorable. It’s great if people ask for the book by name, but “that book with a profile of a mother and daughter on the cover” could work, too.

More books, in real stores, should be available in mid-March, which makes me both pleased and panicky. There were quite a few things I meant to do before then. Yikes. And, oh well. It’s a book now and will follow some life of its own.

Thanks so much to everyone for their cheers, nudges, involvement, and good thoughts along the way. A book is good, but so are friends. So thank you for reading and caring.



  1. Are you doing any signings for it, Jeannine?

  2. Um, that’s the part that I should have been trying to get together and haven’t yet. Nothing yet, which brings me back to yikes. Which brings me back to oh well. I’ll see what I can move into gear in the next few weeks.
    But thank you for asking, Cindy! At least Rebecca at the Odyssey in So. Hadley and Nat at Amherst Books said they’d placed orders.

  3. “Geek that I am, I stroke the soft thick paper, marvel at the gilded lines.”
    Geeks unite! 🙂
    I’m so excited for you, Jeannine! I wish you all happiness on your upcoming book release. And oh…wouldn’t it be nice if you could do an author visit at our local coffee shop?

  4. Congratulations! It looks beautiful!!

  5. Congratulations!!! The new cover is beautiful! And so is the book. And so are you!

  6. So excited for you, Jeannine. Beautiful cover!! A little question: why isn’t it in the Henry Holt Spring 2010 catalog? Did they move up the release date? Maybe I’m looking in the wrong catalog or something.

  7. Awesome. It sounds like a wonderful book.
    I like the cover! It is one that will grab readers.

  8. Beautiful cover, Jeannine! And I can just imagine you stroking the pages–what satisfaction. I can’t wait to read it…and wouldn’t it be perfect if you could come do a signing at Powell’s.

  9. Congratulations
    Congratulations, Ms. Atkins. I can’t wait to read the book, especially the poem about Madam Walker 😉
    Please let me know when you’ll be in the Washington, DC area.
    A’Lelia Bundles

  10. Yay, Jeanine!!! 😀

  11. Melodye, reading at your coffee shop sounds dreamy. I do have, so far vague, thoughts of visiting my daughter in LA, and my cousin in Irvine, and I will definitely let you know when those plans become less vague!

  12. Thank you!

  13. Thank you three times, Jo!

  14. Thanks, Jama. I’m not sure what the story is re being in the catalog. I heard they just switched over to three seasons, so maybe this is considered winter? You are sweet to look.

  15. Thank you for taking a thesis break and stopping by. Grabbing readers is what we want!

  16. Seeing you. Seeing Powells. That sounds like a perfect time.

  17. Re: Congratulations
    Thank you! Not sure if you’ll get this, so I’m sending an email…

  18. Thanks for the cheer and smile!

  19. Well, it is Friday night where I am.
    And I made very good progress today, 🙂 though I felt like giving up this morning. So I relaxed by coming here.
    I really wish I could go to CLNE this Spring, but can’t. (That is where we met, a couple years ago.) But I get to go to Bologna.

  20. Yay!!!!!!!

  21. Thanks, Jenn. Have a wonderful time at your signing, tomorrow, isn’t it?
    I just read the lovely review in BookPage, a journal I really like, of The Secret Year. Congratulations! I look forward to reading it soon.

  22. Hooray!
    And there is still time between now and March for some of those things to be done, whatever they are. Really and truly. Do. Not. Panic.

  23. Kelly, thanks for the cheer and cupcake and reminder I have a month or so to get some things done. I wanted to update and redo my website, but, since I’m committing myself here, I’ll take some steps on that this weekend. Wanted to pull together some workshops, which, um, we’ll see. But I’m not panicking. For good or ill. What feels great is that I finished writing another book before this one comes out, so I don’t have to focus solely on the fate of one.

  24. Brilliant!

  25. YOU!
    Dear Jeannine,
    Congratulations! Cover looks AWESOME….and the contents I’m sure…even more so! Can’t wait to see, hold and read!
    Let’s PARTY!!!!

  26. Hooray, hooray! We have a book-buying moratorium in place in preparation for this move, but I’m going to break it for this book.

  27. Oh it’s beautiful! I can’t wait to get a copy of my own. May it take off on wings and fly into the hands of many readers.

  28. Re: YOU!
    Thanks, Bruce! Hope to see you in March!

  29. Amy, I’d be honored if you broke your book moratorium. But I know you’ve got so much to do, and I’ll make sure to get a copy to your new home if you’re packing when the book comes out.

  30. Susan, you have long been an inspiration to me, so these words from you are so special. Thank you.

  31. Can’t Wait!
    I’m clearly behind in my LJ reading. This is so exciting!
    I just read the excerpt over at Amazon and I love it. Oh, you are going to get lots of readers. Just wonderful!

  32. Re: Can’t Wait!
    Thanks for the vote of confidence, Joyce!

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