Posted by: jeannineatkins | January 12, 2010

Scavenger Hunt

Rules and memory aren’t my strong points, so my idea of a scavenger hunt may be off. I’m envisioning gifts found after running in loops, ducking, and peering. The dash, twists, and dead ends would be me writing now, unsure where I’m going. The gifts are scraps I wrote sometime doing that spinning that seemed good enough to save and store. When I get worn out or dizzy from the winding, the thought of those little notes tucked away helps. Once I get through some more bad writing, which I can go back to and clean up or clear out, I’ll reach a point where I may be able to slide in one of those paragraphs that already or almost shines. I know I put them somewhere.

I’m looking forward to seeing some of you –and/or your books! — at the ALA convention in Boston on Saturday! Lovely Jo jbknowles suggested that those of us here on LJ, and anyone who likes us, meet at one in the lobby. Can’t wait!



  1. Have a great time at ALA! I wish I could be there, but at least my book will be (it’ll be at the Random House booth, if you want to check it out). Can’t wait to see what you have to report after the one o’clock meet-up!

  2. Christina, how great your book will be making a stop in chilly Boston! I will look and take a picture if I can. Which reminds me — thank you — just made a note to charge my camera battery.

  3. Lucky you! Have a great time at ALA :).

  4. I wish I was going just to see everyone! have a great time!!

  5. Have a wonderful time at ALA, Jeannine!
    And rules and memory aren’t my strong points either, so I totally understand and love those little notes that are like shiny pebbles leading us along a winding, but very interesting, path.

  6. Thanks, Jama. I am trying to be constructive in this rather solitary week before I see lots and lots of people.

  7. Thanks, Laura. I wish you would surprise us by showing up! I can still see your face in the elevator at the Nashua hotel when you made your guest appearance last spring! But we’ll think of you, trying to keep yourself from checking on the puppy too many times. I can so relate to that.

  8. I think so many of the New England writers are feeling that January cabin fever — even brief outings turn your face to cardboard — that it will be fun to see everyone in a warm place that smells of books.
    I hope things slide more easily for you now that you’ve passed that certain chapter that should not be named.

  9. “That certain chapter that should not be named.”
    That made me laugh out loud! Thanks Jeannine, a good laugh is just what I needed. I’m off to lunch after my big writing morning of cranking out two whole paragraphs. I’m beginning to wonder if I may be a doddering granny before this story is finished…

  10. You know you put them somewhere, and when the time is right, your brain will take you back.
    Have a great time this weekend!

  11. Wishing you many gifts and good surprises on that scavenger hunt. Can’t wait to see you on Saturday!

  12. Thanks, Tracy!

  13. Amy, it will be so great to see you!!!!

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