Posted by: jeannineatkins | January 6, 2010


It’s been a nice two weeks of smelling evergreen indoors and hanging out some, watching Glee and seeing a few movies with my daughter.And star appearances from Zach, Colleen, and Sara. I finished up one big project and have been pecking at blank pages with ideas for a new one. I’m heading back into the everyday, but the tree is still up, I’ve got a stash of books still to read, and I’m not entirely ready to leave a season of warm moments, including one at the dining room table on Christmas, when the family started talking about blogs, trying to convince my brother-in-law Bruce to start one to showcase his art. I brought up the good company here on LJ, and about half the table said at once, “I love reading the comments on your blog!” “Your friends are all so nice!”

Oh yes you are! And I’m really grateful.

Today my daughter will be packing to get on a plane tomorrow. I’ll mope a bit, ponder some beginnings for my new book, and let it sink in that January is here, which means I’ll be teaching in two weeks. Last night I dreamed about handing out chocolate to the class who grabbed, gobbled, then started to leave while I tried to remember what book we’d be reading next to shout out. Dr. Seuss? Laura Ingalls Wilder? C.S. Lewis? Um, maybe it’s time to put away the yellow pads and get out the semester plans.


  1. I’ve missed you!
    Your class is so lucky.

  2. It’s hard to get back into things, isn’t it?

  3. Thanks, Jo. See you soon!

  4. Yes, I seem to be resisting getting back. And it’s hard to say goodbye to your girl. But all will happen. Hope you have a very nice new year!

  5. Thinking of you as you share those last hours with your girl. I hope the next reunion comes soon! And that the yellow pads and the syllabi make the time pass more quickly. xoxo

  6. Oh, it’s so hard to say goodbye to our girls, isn’t it? Mine took off last week, and I miss her. I hope you get to take another west coast trip soon.
    But the nice thing about after the holidays is getting back to writing. I’m looking forward to tea and quiet writing mornings with you again. Good luck on getting the semester all planned out. 🙂

  7. Sounds like you’ve had a wonderful holiday, Jeannine! Keep writing–ignore the tree:>)

  8. Thanks for your sweet thoughts, Amy.

  9. Goodbyes are tough. But yes I look forward to quiet writing mornings with you, too! I’m putting on a pot now, so get out yellow pad or equivalent!

  10. Thanks for the advice, Laura! The calendars are flipped to Jan and squares are getting filled in with plan, but I feel a bit stuck in wanting more days of December. But the writing works. I can move on, calendarless, there for the morning. I hope you’re finding new poems, too.

  11. Looking forward to your class posts!

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