Posted by: jeannineatkins | December 23, 2009

Daughter Home and Robots Glisten on the Tree

I came home from my writing group Monday night and smelled evergreen. While I was gone, my husband, our daughter, and her friend Zach had not only picked out a tree, brought it home, and decorated it, but did marathon wrapping, so even presents were beneath. I heard the unmistakable laughter of our friend Steve mixing with James Taylor music. Here are Em and Zach with our dog, Louis.

My husband is calling this our Fugitree as this year we decorated with Fugitiod toys that are just out, based on a comic he wrote and drew with Kevin Eastman long ago. Fugitoid has always been one of my favorite characters of theirs: a cute, sweet robot with a poignant back story. The tree was the idea of Emily, whose internship at a toy company was extended to a part-time job doing PR: she picked up some silver balls at Target to augment the glitter.

Now it’s a day of baking, with some writing and knitting by the tree. I showed Emily and Zach the first hat I ever knit. There was a stretched out “ohhhh” as the air wobbled with their trying to catch a balance between honesty and kindness. Then I took out my scarf, and they breathed in relief that truth and compassion weren’t so spread apart: “THAT’S nice.” Okay the hat, which you may note is not pictured. I’m not claiming it as a thing of beauty, but it’s recognizable as something that goes on a head. And a reminder that we learn by our mistakes, even though, hey, I already remembered that. The hat marked the end knitting class, but as we left yesterday we said we hoped to see each other in what the yarn shop calls drop-ins, but I referred to as Knitting Rehab. Emily wants a Harry Potter scarf and I bought the yarn yesterday for her okay on Gryffindor colors.

Onward to baking, and slipping in writing during quiet moments. And reveling in having family around. (But why isn’t Liz in Massachusetts? And Ben and Kelly, we hope to see you and Ian soon!) Happy holidays to all my friends!



  1. I love the tree!
    And you.
    Have a wonderful holiday!!!

  2. If your hat is recognizable as a hat, you’re way ahead of me. I tried knitting a hot pad but you couldn’t tell that’s what the deformed little mess of yarn was all about.
    Wishing you light, love, and laughter this holiday season.

  3. Judging from that gorgeous scarf you could give lessons as well as get them! And the red and yellow look yummy (and very Gryffindor) together.
    Wishing wonderful holidays to wonderful you!

  4. Love you, too, Jo! I We decided fugitree can happen only once, but may set aside a robot or two to add to the more usual mix. I might need to put one aside also for your E and P (hey, just realized we are both P, E, and J households!)

  5. Well I have plenty of those deformed little yarn messes on my way to a scarf. And I’m not knitting any hot pads. My friend who took the class with me is talking about towels. Towels! I’m not doing all that work so someone can wipe their hands. I’m not even sure about socks. Cute, yes, but people stepping on them?
    Hope you have merriment and peace, Tracy!

  6. Thanks so much, Amy, for all your good wishes, which I’m sending right back: enjoy every delicious minute with Sweetpea and all beloved!

  7. Happy holidays!

  8. What a beautiful tree–I love the robots!

  9. Thanks, Jenn! Best wishes for 2010 — a new book is most exciting!

  10. Thanks, Becky! Enjoy the holidays with family and a fresh new book!

  11. P, E and J
    That’s so funny! 🙂
    Have a wonderful time with yours.

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