Posted by: jeannineatkins | December 16, 2009

Welcoming Baby Ian to the World

The words aren’t lining up as quickly as I hoped, never mind, do they ever? I’ve got cards I need to write and presents I need to wrap and phantom presents that should be found. The house waits to be cleaned. Yesterday I put in my book order for next semester, sent an email to my students, said yes to sitting on a board, and knitted enough of a hat to at least be a headband. I took a call from my daughter, who was hoping to win an argument with her roommate: do sprinkles go on cookies before or after they’re baked? It’s nice when a mom gets to say: it depends.

It’s the season of not getting everything done. And pausing once in a while to remember blessings. Here’s a picture I like to look at when I’m feeling overwhelmed, as I know my wonderful niece Kelly and her husband Ben often must. Two weeks ago Kelly was teaching high school. One week later she held a newborn. Here’s the latest edition to our extended family, Ian in his mother’s arms.

This is the picture I try to remember when I’m feeling life is moving too quickly. Sometimes all you need to do is look or hold.



  1. Welcome to the world, Ian! Awww! 🙂

  2. Ian is my son’s name–welcome to another one! 🙂 And here’s to enjoying a month where we have other, fun things that have to get done!
    You’re going to have to start answering phone calls from your daughter like my mom does mine: “350 degrees for an hour!”

  3. What a cutie!! Thanks for the “slow-down” moment!

  4. Babies do have a way of getting us to be in the moment.
    Congratulations to the whole family.

  5. Thanks, Debbi (speaking in baby talk for Ian, who I’m sure does appreciate the welcome.)

  6. Ian is a great name!
    That’s funny that’s how your mom answers the phone. Usually we text, but you know, in a sugar cookie emergency….

  7. Thank you, Jama. I can slow down for a bit.. then speed… then crash… then turn slow again…

  8. Thanks, Tracy. Ian is a major joy for all of us, and I hope we all find our proper role toward him.

  9. Ohhhh, so cute.

  10. What a sweet photo. Welcome to the world, Ian!
    (Do you think he’ll be calling his mom to settle a roommate debate twenty years from now? Let’s hope so!)

  11. Thank you, Amy. I guess the sprinkle question wasn’t so much of a debate as what should we do to make the sprinkles stick question. Em had just gone out in quest of Hanukah cookie cutters which was not as easy as she’d thought it would be, and said “now I know why some people feel they’re discriminated against.” But she scored at Bed Bath and Beyond and since the season had started, were half price.

  12. Thanks for the reflection! Baby Ian has some thoughts of his own going on, I think.

  13. This week feels like it’s been a kaleidoscope of chores, and it sure is nice to stop in here and find such a beautiful little one. Congratulations to Ben and Kelly–what a joyful holiday it will be!
    I’ve missed our quiet tea-writing times, but there is much to enjoy through these busy days. Soon enough, the writing will flow again (she says hopefully!)

  14. Thanks, Joyce. It is pretty intriguing to try to figure out the mind of a baby. Happy holidays to you!

  15. Thanks for stopping by during a busy week, Lorraine. I hope some time away from chapter 17 will offer you a glimpse of what you need when you return. I know there’s a way forward and hope you find it one calm January day. Happy holidays!

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