Posted by: jeannineatkins | November 21, 2009

Talking about Blogging at the WriteAngles Conference

Today I spoke on a panel called Blogalogue at the WriteAngles Conference held at Mount Holyoke College. Writer Susan Garrett moderated the panel, which included Kathryn Hulick who writes middle grade novels* and is an editor for the Beacon Street Girls book series. Kathryn’s blog is mainly a place where she picks an image (she’s also an artist) that starts her on a story or first chapter shown on the blog. (*We in the children’s writing world take “middle grade” for granted as a swift way to indicate readers in grades 4 through 6 or so, but at lunch, a listener scolded Kathryn for putting herself down, thinking more in terms of middle grade maple syrup). Kathryn discussed the blog Beacon Street Girls kept for some time based on characters in those novels.

B. J. Roche is a former columnist for The Boston Globe who teaches in the Journalism Department at UMass-Amherst. She is the publisher and editor of which features essays on grief, memoir (by Pulitzer prize-winning writer Madeleine Blais), and others such as “When Moms Text. LOL” or “Why you need to use social media even if you’re sick of hearing about it.” There are useful resources such as an It’s okay series and news you can use targeted at midlife women. B.J. spoke of the need to focus and asked, “With 24 million blogs out there, why should anyone read yours?” Um. All I can say to you readers is: thank you!

Victoria Strauss is the author of seven fantasy novels, including most recently The Burning Land and The Awakened City. Her articles on writing have appeared in Writer’s Digest and elsewhere. She shares a Writer Beware website and blog with Ann Crispin It’s sponsored by the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, but you don’t have to write such to benefit. It’s packed with information about the varieties of publishers and agencies, some out to scam more than publish. Victoria pointed out how it doesn’t dovetail with her own writing, so doesn’t help with the goal of promoting her creative work. But she has gotten to work with the FBI and put down some bad guys. She does good.

It was a good day: seeing old friends, meeting new ones, and leaving with more names of blogs I want to check out! Here are Victoria, Kathryn, and B.J. behind me:



  1. Honest to God, I thought Victoria was my beloved Aunt Martha for a minute. She looks very much like her – same hair cut/color and all!

  2. With 24 million blogs out there, why should anyone read yours? Um.
    Um, indeed!
    But here’s one reason I’ve been reading yours for so long: Because you write so beautifully about the writing life and the world around you. And because you make *me* want to sit down and write, too.

  3. Amy, nothing could make me happier than your kind words. Thank you.

  4. Blogging
    I wish I could have been at this conference, but at least I got sent to your blog, heretofore unknown to me, from BJ’s link. I am really enjoying it. I’m a fan of your books, and you may remember we did an interview together for Shelburne Falls Cable TV. Do you garden? Would you like a new book? Come on over to http://www.commonweeder and enter my Giveaway.

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