Posted by: jeannineatkins | November 9, 2009

Looking Up

I know it’s been a banner year for pine cones, since I’ve been stumbling over them in the woods, and I know there’s some scientific explanation about the cycles in which they grow, but I can’t tell you what that is. Yesterday Tamra Wight tamra_wight mentioned on Facebook that scientists say it’s impossible to be sad while looking at the sky.

Add a tree, and you can be ecstatic. Here’s what I saw looking up through a pine and an oak. Thanks, Tami! And there look like more blue skies today.

And a little later in the afternoon.



  1. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I so miss looking up at the sky through pine tree branches (I grew up in “The Pine Tree Capital of the South”). This was the perfect picture to start my day. Now back to the palm trees (which aren’t too bad to look at either).

  2. Palm trees especially with bright blue sky sound wonderful. Wish I could just send you some of that sticky pine scent. I’m curious though: what is the pine tree capital of the south?
    And your book cover has some of the best sky! (can’t wait!)

  3. Perry, Florida (in the Florida panhandle) is the Pine Tree Capital of the South. There’s even a big event every year (parade, world’s largest free fish fry, beauty pageants etc) called the Florida Forest Festival… we so love our trees!

  4. “Add a tree, and you can be ecstatic.”
    This should be a bumper sticker or t-shirt logo or something. I LOVE it!

  5. Nice 🙂

  6. Love the images.
    Just read Girls Who Look Under Rocks. Loved the title and loved it. I have added Comstock’s Handbook to my wish list and ordered Hamerstrom’s memoir. Thanks for all the info.

  7. We have blue sky again here too! As a matter of fact, hubby thinks we should ditch the outside work and go take a walk by the lake.
    He must have been looking up today! LOL

  8. I think Tamra was right – it’s hard to be sad looking up at the sky, especially through the web of trees.
    I’m wading back into blogging again and just got caught up again on your entries. You’ve been going through a thoughtful time yourself. I just love reading your reflections and how you apply real life to your writing life. Thank you for sharing with us.

  9. Thanks, Tracy. I always wanted to write something for a bumper sticker!

  10. Thank you. 🙂

  11. Thank you! I’m so happy to hear you liked Girls Who Looked Under Rocks, and I hope you enjoy Hamerstrom’s memoir. Her granddaughter, picture book writer-illustrator Lita Judge, hopes to do a book about her one day: I can’t wait!

  12. Yes, that must be one of the secrets of the joy: looking up you can’t see all the yardwork (or campwork) that needs to be done and can just happily move on. How great to have another gift day from November!

  13. Susan, hard to think of you as wading — you’re a plunger, yes?, but glad you’re back into blogging and other splashing about in so much other writing. Thank you for stopping by and your kind words.

  14. Ah…blue sky and lovely trees–one of my favorite sights. Especially wonderful to see at this time of year when our Oregon skies stay gray and soggy until, oh, about next July!

  15. Just popping in to tell you when I read that line again – Add a tree, and you can be ecstatic – I smiled all over again. I’m telling you, it’s brilliant.

  16. My daughter was briefly in Oregon last year, and disappointed to see sun. Oh, weather.
    That blue November sky was certainly novel; it was a day to be happy.
    Good luck with that wriggly chapter 16!

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