Posted by: jeannineatkins | November 6, 2009

This and That and Back to Work

I just saw the just slightly edited copy of an article about Margarita Engle’s verse novels and histories I wrote for Book Links magazine, to appear in their January issue. It’s called Green Paths and Open Views: The Poet Slave of Cuba, The Surrender Tree, and Tropical Secrets. The editor was so sweet, as was Margarita, who I interviewed by email. Book Links will print that interview with the article, and I’m happy others will get to be inspired by Margarita’s wonderful vision and imagination. I can’t say the article was fast to write, still, compared to a book, not so much, and it’s satisfying to see something complete.

And I got some possibly fun news about my book, Girls Who Looked Under Rocks. A big movie company wants to feature the book on the set and asked for rights to do so. I would be a proud mom in the audience if this happens. And hope the movie is a good one! Hey, the love interest is a woman naturalist.

Yesterday morning I enjoyed a walk seeing yellow leaves, red sumac, milkweed fluff, winterberry, West Brook, and an intrepid bit of blue someone planted on a bent tree intent on survival.

This morning I’m working hard on revisions, and in the afternoon tackling a presentation, so please join me if you can. Lorraine, I’m happy to hear you pushed past your stuck point yesterday, hanging out with Amy! And I’m ready to roll, after having the pleasure of witnessing Jo – in person! — finish a draft in Esselon café yesterday. It’s not a myth after all. Even if one draft rolls into another, coming to an end is possible.

Also yesterday I came home with a bag of local apples, as did my husband. So apple crisp might have to be made. Cinnamon, nutmeg, a bit of maple syrup: maybe the smell will coax the muse.



  1. I’m working right alongside you. After working alone (and in longhand) yesterday, lemme tell ya, I appreciate your company.
    Film adaptation…that’s such a wonderful thought. Cue the popcorn!
    (Fruit crisps are my favorite desserts of all time…especially served warm with vanilla bean ice cream melting into the sugary, crunchy crust. Mmmmm.)

  2. Ooooo! I’ll keep everything crossed for Girls Who Look Under Rocks!
    Apple crisp sounds sooooo good right about now . . .

  3. I got caught on this, Jeannine:
    “intrepid bit of blue someone”
    and thought, at first, the plant was called Blue Someone. Isn’t it a perfect name for a plant?
    Good luck with the muse …

  4. I’m glad you’re back at the computer today with me.
    And I’m with you on fruit crisps. Although apple cake is right up there.

  5. Thanks for stopping by and crossing fingers. Wish I could give you a bowl of apple crisp!

  6. Good name for a plant, or a cool person. Hmmm.
    For some reasons, The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate did not grab me, but I know you liked it, and I recently talked with a librarian who was also smitten, so I’m going to give it another try.
    And I just read a lovely short essay by Margaret Willey in the current Horn Book about naturaiists in fiction. Her novel coming out this month is called A Summer of Silk Months. That’s going on my find-it list, too.

  7. What a beautiful shot!
    And congratulations on the article…and wouldn’t it be fun to see your book in a movie!
    I would like nothing better than writing here with you this morning, but I’m gone all day today. I have a two hour drive, and I’ll be plotting chapter 16 as I drive!
    Happy writing day to you, Jeannine, and mmmm, apple crisp sounds heavenly.

  8. So much fun stuff in this post. Your book on the set! Apple synchronicity! Article published! Walk in nature! And more!
    Have a lovely weekend, Jeannine.

  9. How fun for your book and you! Isn’t it wonderful when these suprises show up out of the blue? 🙂

  10. It’s often great to have a good intense writing day followed by one in which you can, say, drive and plot. Looking close, then looking far, hunkering in, then dreaming: always a good rhythm. So good luck.

  11. Thanks, Tracy. Hope you have a great weekend, too: oh yeah, those two days in front of me. (how’d that happen?)

  12. Of course with anything movie related, you see it when you see it, but I’m happy to float on the maybe-thought for now.
    Have a good weekend, Becky!

  13. The smell of cinnamon and wonderful things happening lured me here. Great news about your Book Links article and possible movie appearance of your book. Very cool all around. 🙂

  14. I’m in your camp: the smell of cinnamon and warm apples will lure me anywhere.
    It has been a good day! Have a great weekend, Jama.

  15. Not much naptime left, but I’m determined to make use of it. So I’m popping in for a quick bite of that apple crisp and a smidgen of revision.
    I can’t wait to read the Engle essay. And so fun to think of Girls Who Looked Under Rocks getting into the spotlight!

  16. I’ll look for the Willey essay, and probably the novel, too.
    Isn’t it funny how some books grab us, and some books don’t? I loved Calpurnia and you didn’t, and yet we are both super cool Blue Someones …

  17. I hope nap time lasts long enough for you to feel you turned a page. Thank you for coming by! I was all about the novel in the morning, and whiny about working on the presentation, but it’s more fun than I thought: though I haven’t yet gotten to the putting together slides part. Won’t happen today. But hope it surprises me in a good way, too.

  18. good luck on all the revisions 🙂

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