Posted by: jeannineatkins | October 28, 2009

What we See When Walking

My friend Jo-Ann read my recent report about her amazing pumpkin in my blog, then about the Thursday morning walkers, so decided to join us last week. Our default plan is to head left or right from the library where this time of year we walk under yellow maple trees. Jo-Ann has raised her girls in town, but she said this was the first time, except for one Halloween, that she’d walked along the road. Of course you see a lot more than you do from a car, and it’s beatuful.

We headed past houses and meadows, turning toward Mill Brook and an abandoned farmhouse that had moved to make room for the highway. The brook had been changed, too: this is where about two hundred years ago a lot of pottery was made. Now it’s mostly fields of squash. When we headed back, Jo-Ann and I climbed a hill ahead of Bill and Jeanne, but turned when a car stopped beside them. The driver leaned over with a question we learned was: Have you seen two horses?

Hers had escaped, Jeanne told us. Bill added, Though she said the gate had been shut and locked.

The car turned into a driveway before they’d finished recapping the problem. Apparently the horses had just come to see what might be good to eat in a neighbor’s yard. I tentatively asked if I could help, and was relieved when Anita just asked me to hold the lead of one horse while she corralled the other, and thankfully both seemed happy enough to see her. She left her car to pick up later, while leading the horses home.

So was the gate really shut? What kind of horses are these? It could be the beginning of a story, which we may also find more on foot than in a car.



  1. Their legs look too short to jump a gate although I’m sure they could. I don’t know what kind they are but they resemble plastic horses I had when little.
    Walking is much better than driving if you want adventure!

  2. Neigh, what a cool, unexpected little adventure! I’m loving the image of yellow maples and fields of squash, too :)!

  3. Those are beautiful horses!! And they seem very talented, too. 🙂

  4. She told me what kind of horses, but of course I promptly forgot.
    Maybe they morphed from your old toy box?

  5. We stored all our library book sale donations in the farmhouse of a man who gets orders for his organic butternut squash, pre-peeled, from all over. Maybe you’ll be making soup from our town!

  6. Their colors are kind of magical. Mmmmn, now I’m breathing horse smell in my imagination.

  7. Oh, what beauties! I can definitely say that your walk today was more interesting than mine.

  8. What, you didn’t find enough acorns?
    We’re heading in the different direction up the street tomorrow.
    And these horses were better than the coyote we spotted in the yard yesterday. Just a little too close….

  9. Oh, I’d like to come with you on your walks–they’re so full of adventure!

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