Posted by: jeannineatkins | October 13, 2009

October Weekend

It was wonderful to have my twenty-year-old tucked at home, or racing about with her friends, for a few days. We ate at their favorite Indian restaurant with Aliza and Zach and his parents, who asked Em about her job. As she opened her mouth, the waitress pouring water burst out, “You have a job?!” We laughed, and she said, “I was just used to you being a student.” They came here a lot. (Liz, we missed you so much!)

Em got her dad to see that Zombie movie, and was pleased that he liked the previews for New Moon and said he’d take me. We had a long conversation sitting in the early morning hours on the floor by the door, instead of watching Glee on her computer. There were some tears over people we missed.

Zach touched me saying he checked my blog every day. So here’s a shout out to him and a picture with Em and our dog.

And here they are with Aliza:

I’m on the final chapters of my novel, so will be working hard this week and doing some knitting, too. My friend Sue, a friend since high school, asked me to join her in a class which is fun. There’s a grandmother and her young-mom granddaughter, as well as three other women all with a sense of humor. Which I’m reminded you need when learning anything. Em occasionally passed me, glanced at the knitting, and commented the length looked pretty much the same. Once I pulled everything out and began again – a technique a nurse took to my friend Mary’s blind 94 year old aunt to save on the cost of yarn and to keep the project from getting mangled. I stopped starting over, since our homework is to complete four inches. Now I’m considering giving my piece, riddled with tiny holes and knots, a little stretch.



  1. Ahhh… he reads your blog!! How sweet is that? Love the pics!!

  2. Love those pictures! You look so happy to have your girl there. And YAY on the novel progress (not to mention the knitting)!

  3. Thanks, Lisa. I enjoy the blogging, but like everyone… there’s always other things that might be getting down. One thing that keeps me going is that my away-from-daughter reads it. And it’s cool knowing a friend or two of hers do, too. Motivating!

  4. Oh, Amy, I really was happy to have her and friends there. I’ll have to keep looking at the pictures to stop missing her so much.
    And yes it’s exciting to be working over the last chapters. A good season for knit-purl, knit-purl, knit-purl. I hope all your projects are falling into some kind of good shape. And you feel up to kicking a few leaves just a bit.

  5. Final chapters–wow!
    And what wonderful photos–I’m so glad you had time with your girl this weekend.

  6. Amazing, isn’t it, to peek at the end? Of course that means I have to return to chapter one and sweep my way back through.
    Am off the porch, but I have the glow of fall leaves and daughter visit for good company.
    Congrats on your new and improved chapter 13!

  7. Sounds like a great weekend! Good luck on the final chapters–you must be so happy with your progress. Congrats!

  8. I am happy, even though my hope was to be where I am now in August. Good thing I’m a lenient boss!
    Hope your household stays calm-ish and healthy and you can keep up with your good steps forward.

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