Posted by: jeannineatkins | September 30, 2009

Legends of Our Town

Our Massachusetts town has some pretty cool agricultural triumphs. Two hundred watermelons from Harvest Farm recently went Hollywood, appearing in Taking Woodstock. Farmer Gary Gemme gave the movie two thumbs up and said his watermelons did a good job. “They were in character.”

The Chang Farm sends organic vegetables and bean sprouts to stores around New England, and is now trying to market schizandra berries, source of an energizing supplement,long used in China, with the more user friendly name of ChiBerry.

My friend artist Jo-Ann Denehy made her first attempt to grow an enormous pumpkin this summer at Quonquont Farm. Despite all the rain, her pumpkin came in at 396 pounds. If you want to see how a pumpkin gets weighed, and its competitors – Jo-Ann’s came in tenth at the Big E fair in Springfield, but the rivals had been growing pumpkins for years if not decades, and truly, some are .. pale — you can watch this You Tube story.

Jo-Ann offered me a seed to try next spring. Um, I don’t think my thumb is quite that green.



  1. Still chuckling over the watermelons Going Hollywood. Picturing them with designer sunglasses.

  2. It’s a great thing to be a farmer with a sense of humor.

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