Posted by: jeannineatkins | September 7, 2009

September Light at Cape Cod

My friend Mary and her husband George generously invited me to spend the weekend with them at their house on Cape Cod. There was lots of dog walking – taking Millie and another dog name Louie (not ours!) to the dog beach where there was lots of canine romping, tag, and wrestling. Some quieter moments were spent at beaches where we saw distant whales breach and spout. The splash-over of waves turned immense, awkward seals into grace. Here I am at the observation tower at Race Point. And a view.

On Friday night we had dinner with neighbors. Seven of us decided to meet at a pond the next day for the First Annual Big Swim. We swam across and back, .6 miles. Here are some ducks who greeted our return.

To celebrate, Paul made the most excellent paella.

Now I’m back home and working, trying to keep in mind the sounds of waves crashing on sand.



  1. Lucky you! I love the Cape. 🙂 Paella = yum.

  2. Paella! I’ve been craving paella. We’re making reservations soooon.
    (What a good sport Paul is, to have made that complicated but oh-so-delicious dish! Lovely addition to what looks like a wonderful weekend away!)

  3. Yes, lucky me. I liked seeing pictures of you at the book signing in Alexandria! Looked like fun.

  4. Yes, paella has way too many steps for me to consider making. And I didn’t even hear a single curse or groan from the kitchen. Paul was happy to have his nephew visit from Boston and made this fave dish in his honor.

  5. What beautiful pictures – now I can hear the ocean, too! And I’m impressed with your swim – I’m not sure I’ve ever gone half a mile before.

  6. What a weekend!! Glad you had such a nice time.

  7. This sounds like a marvelous way to recharge your batteries. So glad you had this adventure.

  8. Oh, that looks like a gorgeous retreat!

  9. Oh, how lovely!!!

  10. I can hear the waves. . . ..
    I LOVE Cape Cod — every inch of it =)
    especially Wellfleet & Sandwich
    Thanks for sharing the photos — what a marvelous time you had!

  11. Re: I can hear the waves. . . ..
    Beautiful!! (Including the paella!)

  12. Sounds like a wonderful time!

  13. Thanks, Kate, but don’t be too impressed. It was mostly a very leisurely breast or back stroke.

  14. Thanks, Jo. It was fun. So I’m glad I have Thurs to look forward to!

  15. Thanks, Susan. You would probably have loved the dog gangs on the beach! They were something.

  16. It wasn’t exactly a retreat, but it was gorgeous, and I did get in some writing each morning, so getting back home wasn’t such a shock.

  17. It was lovely, though your Maine coast has my heart. Hope to see and hear and smell it next summer.
    I’ve been thinking of you today. Hope the quieter house feels creative quickly and that J. likes her new room.

  18. Re: I can hear the waves. . . ..
    I know! There are so many inches of the Cape to love! I love how there’s an ocean side and bay side and so many ponds in between.

  19. Re: I can hear the waves. . . ..
    Thanks, Kathy! It’s nice to see your “face.” Hope all is well.

  20. Ocean, wonderful people, great seafood: what’s not to like?
    Have a good September!

  21. Jeannine! You’ve been kissed by the magic that I bathed in only days ago. The subject title alone– SEPTEMBER LIGHT AT CAPE COD– tugged at heart and made me homesick all over again.
    I must get back. Soon. Soon. I have never felt so at home in a place I’ve only come to know as a tourist.
    The poet Mary Oliver is doing a reading somewhere in Cape Cod in October. I read of the event when we were in Provincetown and now I can’t remember the details. Last night, I Googled and found her speaking engagement manager online. I wrote him to see if he could find the information for me.
    And like you, Jeannine, I watched in awe how very welcome dogs are to the Cape. Seeing so many beautiful dogs there made me weep all the more that we had left our dog, Charlie behind.
    When will going to the Cape stop becoming a vacation and more a homecoming? {}
    Where did your friends have their house, Jeannine? Is Paul your husband? I wanted to jump into the photos and be with you!

  22. Re: I can hear the waves. . . ..
    I bought another Joan Anderson book while we were in Hyannis. {} I think she lives in Harwich. Does that sound right to you?

  23. Lovely!

  24. not so random commenter
    sounds like a lovely way to say goodbye to the summer :0)

  25. Re: not so random commenter
    Say goodbye to summer??!! No! Let me know stay in denial after this too short summer. But it was lovely, yes.

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