Posted by: jeannineatkins | August 19, 2009

Happy Mom Sees Daughter and Starts Facebook

I went back to L.A. to see my daughter in the brief time she has between summer classes; she can’t make it back here since her fall internship begins days after the summer one ends. Emily will be going from being part of a marketing team for cool and pricey (three figures) sunglasses to part of team marketing cool and cheap (one figure) toys.

Her roommate Colleen shares my July birthday, and she’d told me she couldn’t think of any better way to celebrate the end of her teens than by seeing Harry Potter at midnight. I saw the photo of her with wand and scar. She and Em took me to see the Harry Potter of the Half-Blood Prince last night. And Colleen sweetly had this present waiting for me: the Twilight books being one of her other obsessions. I’ll have something to do on the flight home.

I thought I might be cleaning their apartment, but they’d cleaned in prep for my arrival. Not even a dish in the sink and there was rumor of a vacuum. Emily had texted me to ask what I’d like and stocked the fridge: yogurt and fruit and granola for my breakfast, which is not a meal the girls make much of. Colleen told me that her favorite memory of our trip to London was me fetching them coffee and saying, “Time to get up girls.” Yeah, that and the Tower of London. So yesterday I got drinks from Coffee Bean. They were grateful, and it was fun for me since at home I can walk in lovely woods but can’t count on seeing humans, and I like a morning beginning with pithy baristas and dogs and babies by the patio tables on the sidewalk.

I even made their calendar! (Mama J, that’s me).

And, priorities in place, never mind she has a fall scheduled up with classes and work, beside the calendar Em made a collage and list of fall movies, with must-sees in bold.

Yesterday Em helped me start a page Facebook! Yikes. It might take me a while to know what I’m doing, but if you’re on, please friend me!

Today both girls are working, so I’ll write and make dinner. Tomorrow we plan to go to the Getty.



  1. It’s a treat to see you in both places! But I’m especially glad you’re still posting here. And I love the name Mama J! Sounds like you need to start your own record label. 🙂

  2. Thanks, Amy. It is fun to be on facebook, but I like the pace here. Mama J. Always good to have a few identities going, I guess.

  3. Hooray! Have lots of fun!!

  4. How wonderful that you all love being together. This is the hope of all parents, I think!

  5. Thanks, Kelly! Fun is being had.

  6. It’s cool to know your kid through all the different ages and stages. I’m sure yours will continue to be a delight. Meanwhile, I’m glad you’re having such a creative surge while the guys are off bonding.

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