Posted by: jeannineatkins | August 13, 2009

Lunch with the Beautiful and Young

Two years ago when my daughter was still in high school, when working at my computer I enjoyed seeing Emily’s IM name and those of friends appear in my buddy window. I’d like knowing she and they were somewhere. Most of those names have fallen off; now they’re more often on Facebook, which I haven’t joined (yet). But the other night I heard the old beep-bip and got an invite from Em’s friend Zach for lunch. He and Deepa were still home from college and well, a little bored. We made a plan to meet, which made my daughter across the country a wee bit jealous even if she’s got a job and classes and fantastic weather keeping her in LA.

Em texted me: Mom, you’ve got to blog about your lunch. Okay, so my life is otherwise writing and tearing up drafts, walking the dogs in the woods, watching out for goats, and talking to stray toddlers in the coop. Yes, this was a highlight, and, Em, all of us kept wishing you were there. We got a passerby to take our picture.

Deepa said: most of us seem to be doing what we wanted to be doing. Or something like it. They reminisced about shenanigans of yore, and commented that they’re less energetic these days: they study, they watch TV. Some of the crazier gossip seemed to involve shenanigans of parents. Zach showed me the picture of the puppy he’s been watching for his friend Scott. Ooooh, I said, but beyond cuteness, Zach didn’t seem wildly delighted. His one comment was: he chews a lot. And when I asked what he chews, Zach looked dour: people, for example.

It was fun to see two twenty-year-olds who I’ve seen grow up, or grow up-ish. I loved hearing the stories but a favorite moment was simple. When we were arranging the date, Zach texted: What time is good for you? My heart beat hard. Those of you with teens know these are words you don’t often hear. Thanks, Zach, thanks, Deepa (always and forever thoughtful) Xoxxoxoxoxo



  1. Oh, this post made me so happy! Glad you had a nice lunch with Zach and Deepa. How COOL is it that they thought of it?

  2. Very sweet! And funny that some of the talk was of parents’ shenanigans…oh, the tides they turn, eh? 😉
    And as for Facebook, I’m contemplating it. Are you?

  3. Aw, thanks, Jama. You’re right. It is cool to be invited and included.

  4. Yeah, it was funny to look back and think about how the kids saw some of us. When we were obsessing about them. And some of it, yeah, kind of strange!
    Lorraine, I’ve been resisting. I love LJ, and fear I’ll get caught up in Facebook and dawdle away too much time at the computer. But… it seems like one of those things I’ll cave in on pretty soon. We’ll just … have to be careful.

  5. What time is good for you?
    Speaking as the mom of a toddler: Wow. Just… wow.
    So glad you had such a great afternoon out!

  6. That is SO excellent. I’m glad you had a good lunch!

  7. Fortunately toddlers say so many charming things. But gallantry, consideration, adult-to-adult certainly have charms, too!

  8. Thanks, Kelly. I knew when my only daughter left home the house would be so much quieter not only without her, but all the friends she brought home. It’s nice to be in touch from time to time, follow the drama and the lulls.

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