Posted by: jeannineatkins | July 30, 2009

In Which the Cat Reminds Me about the Power of Words

I was going to start this blog with some talk of why our cat might be as reclusive as he is, something to do with dogs ruling around here. But then, once again, the blog started to be about the dogs, who are so much more charming, really, and… well here I go again.

The last time my daughter was home, she said, “The cat is getting fat.”
“He doesn’t run about the way he used to. He’s just putting on a little weight.”
“Fat,” she said.

Then when I took him to the vet today – his second scheduled appointment as he managed to elude both me and my husband on the first one – the vet asked if there were any problems.

“No. Maybe he’s getting a little more sluggish,” I said.

“Laid back,” the vet corrected me.

Which really does sound better. So when the cat strolls and drapes his long rather large body from the chair, I’ll try to be reminded of the value of relaxation. Zen cat.

And… congratulations to Kristine at
who won the contest to read Mary Pearson’s marypearson ARC, The Roads Between. I’m sending it off to her today. Kristine is a reading teacher and like so many a fan of Mary’s The Adoration of Jenna Fox. I look forward to what she’ll show us from mid Ohio!



  1. Yes, it’s not what you say but rather the way you phrase it. But I agree, follow your cat’s fine example and schedule in some relaxation time. Relax like a laid back, well-fed cat.

  2. Sounds like Zen cat has relaxation all figured out. I should try and remember his example when I’m awake in the middle of the night!

  3. Cats do have a well-developed sense of leisure, don’t they?

  4. Thanks, Angela. I had a productive morning of work and now I’m not going to sprawl across the table, though it’s hot enough for that, but go relax at the beach. And I know I’m not thinking enough like a cat… but maybe the coolish water will revive a few brain cells, and some late afternoon work will happen.
    best wishes for your summer!

  5. Amy, don’t overdo those nite notes!
    Joyce H. just let me know she followed the Hemingway advice I posted about stopping mid sentence, saying how great her writing was going…. and then I just read a post about insomnia. I felt so elated at the first… and appalled at the second.
    The cats say: balance! Well, no, the cats advocate sloth — but … yes, cat mind at night.

  6. I love your yoga cat, and must say ours used to do that pose. But now it’s all about reclining. But I guess this cat can be a teacher.

  7. “zen cat” is my new motto! thanks!

  8. It’s a good motto for we with beloved offspring far away; if we can achieve it, I’m sure we have a place in Buddhist heaven.
    And zen cat just pushed open the door to the porch, and sat on the step. Venturing no farther. When I got up to close the door, he zipped back inside. I guess his point was just to remind me he is clever as well as wise. At least more clever than the dogs.

  9. Sluggish. That’s me after a week of extreme heat. Zen cat has it all figured out, though–even eluding you for his doctor’s appointment!

  10. Think about that, if the cat were more like the dogs, he’d want to come along on your walks. And then he TOTALLY wouldn’t go where you want. Enjoy his slothdom. 🙂

  11. I love that…I’m not fat I’m laid back!

  12. I guess that’s why I like my dogs; they make me get out at least once a day. Cause I’m naturally disposed to being like the cat. Hanging around, having tea and kibble, er, cookies.

  13. Yeah, Mikey probably really enjoys his down time when I’m out with the dogs. The highlight of the day!
    But Mikey is slowly getting friendlier. He often sleeps on our bed now — or on my daughter’s, whether or not she’s here. He just doesn’t like getting caught at being affectionate!

  14. um, that was me!

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